Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sometimes i have clarity, most times i have rum

So the other day a friend tells me, “ Women, they’re just obsessed with getting married. And once they hit thirty they behave like they have a ticking time bomb strapped to their backs.”

I of course deny this.

I know some chicks like that. But most of my women friends are pretty cool about being thirty. And I don’t think they’re obsessed with marriage either.

But what I don’t tell the friend is this. I think most guys turn out to be the ones who want marriage. Ya, men are closet marriage wanters.

Case in point. All the guys I went out with spoke of marriage, even before I ever did. Including a (heh heh, the cat is out of the bag!)

Even now I see some of my guy friends, and in their weak moments I can see they are dreaming of settling down. Anyway I didn’t say all this to the friend because he’s a guy. And they’re very touchy when you turn the tables on them.

In fact I remembered something. I used to have this recurring dream. That I’m getting married to my previous boyfriend, and I’m struck with terror, and I’m feeling so doomed that I just want to run away. And I’d wake up drenched in sweat and realise I’m lying next to a. And sort of sigh weakly in relief, and go back to sleep.

So, last night I have a dream. And it is just as scary. Orlando Bloom (go figure Freud) is hanging out at a friend’s place. And suddenly he turns to me and says that he wants to marry me.

I’m extremely polite in my dreams. So I don’t laugh my head off. And instead I say, “Great idea, let me just come from the loo.” I shut the living room door on my way out to the loo, and scoot. I bolt out of the house as fast as my legs can carry me, race down the stairs and am out of the building like a shot.

Weird dream.

Think it means I’m not a big fan of Orlando Bloom.

Or rum and coke does not suit me.


Meghana Naidu said...

Orlando bloom resembles something the cat regurgitated, yeah, and add the damned 'edward cullen' to the list

no wonder you ran
i dont blame you one bit

*runs away before the throng of hysteric women(girls?) get to her*

PS: love the title

Divya said...

Well... Another stereotype to bite the dust, trailing behind the ever popular "Only women gossip soo much" :|

The knife said...

Old Monk is said to lead to flashes of brilliance

disappearslikesmoke said...

Michael Crichton did a very effective job of busting this myth in his book travels. Suddenly I found myself thinking its the men who mix tapes and buy flowers and its the women to really kiss & tell. The other thing - men who keep marrying again and again. I mean didnt they get it after the first one? Inexplicable.

LostLittleGirl said...

This is so true! Men have a tendency to get overtly sentimental in relationships and don't fail to confess how you are his ideal marriage woman, I have doubts about whether they are serious or not, maybe they just fake it because they think women are suckers for the M word, But the point is that I never talk so that makes me less mush than them.

Hmm..I think all women should drink more Old Monk to realize these basic facts.

Eveline said...

*whimper* You ran out on Orlando Bloom?!? Sheesh! :P

It's a cliché that women are obsessed with marriage but you KNOW that men also constantly think about getting hitched, and you really want to know, but would never ask (or even expect to ever know) because Men are people too?

...sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes. You just KNOW :)

agent green glass said...

@ all those who bothered to comment: yup. we have struck gold. it seems the jury is on the same page. men are closet marriage wanters.

and as for me, i have a new saying: old monk is wise monk!

Spazsim Chasm said...

I loveee it! And i have 2 years until i hit thirty... oddly enough i was obsessed about marriage until he broke up with me... now, it seems over-rated.

Orlando Bloom. I'd marry him.. If not for the good looks then for the money. I just want to quit and sit in a big Hollywood mansion drinking Mojitos all day :)

Spazsim Chasm said...

p.s: love the title too

p.p.s: old monk aka dalai lama :D

ani_aset said...

hehe..i dont think its coke and rum its the amazing imagination gift you have :)