Saturday, September 19, 2009

baby you can drive my car

Trying to start your own business is not easy.

Specially if you are dyslexic, have a deep rooted fear of math and cannot remember anything beyond the 5 times table.

Add to that some more of my dazzling skills in the arena of losing bills and receipts, and you’ll figure why I’m having sleepless nights.

Apart from my pathetic skills at cooking, sports, math, I do have a couple of redeemable features.

Like I can lie around on the futon and read all day.

And I can drive brilliantly.

And neither of the two life skills are going to help me run a business.

See, i have reason to be stressed out.

The other big problem with me is I keep thinking everything is a big production. And so one day I’ll throw myself into something, because in my head I’m playing that role. And I’ll do it with so much conviction and enthusiasm, that half way through it I’m done with it.


One day I decided to be Domestic Goddess.

So I bought lots of things for the house, and even went to the market and bought fruits and vegetables. And decided to cook dinner. And take more interest in the maid and other such stuff.

By the time I had planned everything out and bought everything, and run all the scenarios in my head, I was so tired of it all. So I chucked everything I had bought into a box, ordered dinner from outside, and told the maid to take the fruits away from my sight.

And for three months I filed Domestic Goddess away.

My fear, Business Chick should not end up in the same boat.

PS: Okay Su, if you are reading this, do not freak. It’s a Saturday night, and I’m doing excel sheets with our costing. So you have a partner who’s trying okay. And if your mouth is starting to go dry, call me immediately!


mentalie said...

an old friend once told me i was done with an idea the minute i thought of it. extreme add, he said. i think he meant to say floozy. my empathies, agg, and erm, best of luck with the costing!

Meghana Naidu said...

girl you always make me laugh ;)

oh BTW number crunching is more fun with tequila and cheese bits.
NO i'm not asking you to do anything, merely expressing my opinion.


slash\\ said...

hah. overkill kills. futon and driving can open up a good business venture into...erm... F1 racing with comfortable seats? Talk to VM.

Am curious. Number crunching and all. What business have you gotten into?

Eveline said...

that. is beautiful. must wipe off tears of laughter and get back to work now.

And dont you worry. Starting is always the hardest part... but i'm pretty sure you'll knock that outta the way!

agent green glass said...

@mentalie: yeah, i need the luck.

@meghana: thanks. at least someone snorts apart from me. and ya, i think i'll take your advice. i really really appreciate good advice.

@slash: what business? let's just say its pretty close to what you do : ) tra la la.

@eve: my friend. thank you. yup, that's what i'm hoping that only the starting is tough. damn.