Saturday, September 5, 2009

boy meets girl - a romance


she waited for his call

she collected his sms’s

she ran every conversation they had in her head a million times

he ordered Chinese take away

and watched the man u game a third time


she thought he liked her

she changed her outfit

he thought she liked him

then why bother to change


Anonymous said...

Heehee...Her and Him - Defined! :)

LostLittleGirl said... so true. I'm going through the worst pre PMS after PMS phase ever and men are such jerks! ;)

Meghana Naidu said...

a 'median' is possible though...

i mean, how about waiting for the call AND watching a manU (or chelsea as the choice maybe!) game


The Cloudcutter said...

No wonder men are happier! If women had any sense, we'd all be sitting around sipping margaritas, checking out, and flirting with the DHL guys instead of waiting for the dumbasses to call.

Yup, call me a bitter, old, lesbian spinster if you like, but you know I'm right, you just know it ;-)

Really fun blog you have, by the way.

mentalie said...

damn. i knew it!

Divya said...

That's awesome :D And unfortunately too true :|

Divya said...

Is it just me, or has you blog layout got screwed up after you've added your music player here?

Pancho! said...

My own "two-bits" to any man reading this:

"Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, Three bags full Ma'am!"....

are the only appropriate responses when faced with women in this "Happy Period" (my ass!)

- Sugar Cube - said... summary!

Eveline said...

thank you for the first good laugh I've had all day! ...i knew there was a reason why i liked you. Isn't it funny how you get to a certain point in your life and you accept the way men are (though it is great fun to bring it back out on occassions).

agent green glass said...

@choco: ha. see, the women get it.

@lostlittlegirl: ya, i know. i hate the period. but i embrace the PMS. it's perfect. you can be nasty and happy to be nasty.

@meghana: chelsea eh? okay.

@the cloudcutter: cloudcutter, you are my kind of woman. i agree. i'm still waiitng for the DHL guy to show up tho.

@mentalie: : )

@divya: yup, i don't know how to put the music player without screwing up my blog and it's breaking my heart.

i'm gonna just figure something.

@pancho: glad you're learning.

@sugar cube: : )

@eveline: blogrolling you. if i can't have music on my blog, i shall just visit yours.

Spazsim Chasm said...

so true :( and sadly so.
bugger all men are

ani_aset said...

nicely done in less words..qualifies for a 55er i guess ;)