Tuesday, October 5, 2010

that's not the pressure cooker, that's me

to those who are ever planning to run their own thing, i have two words for you. Ha. Ha.

its like being on a bloody roller coaster where one minute you're waving like a maniac to those sensible people who've decided to skip the ride and the next minute you're hurling puke like the girl from exorcist. who by the way has always been my benchmark for the coolest way to puke.

First sit up dead straight. Suddenly. Then swivel your head 360 degrees. Pop your eyes, shake your head a little like its gonna fall off. Make a loud gut wrenching noise. And finally hurl as hard as you can. I once tried it at the Holy Family emergency. But because i was weak from food poisoning, it didn't go too far. I only got the ward boy's sleeve. Anyway they mistook my pop eyed, possessed look for the fact that I was dying, and quickly injected me with painkillers.

Back to the point. That work is stressful. And demanding. And I'm barely holding on to my sanity.

Which always brings me back to Bigg Boss. There's a chick in there who hangs out with my versova reality show gang. I don't think they like her very much, but wannabes kind of stick together.

Anyway, she is so bloody dense. The first time she met abhi, she put her hand out and said, "Hi, I'm a lasbiyan." I think she thinks lasbiyan is someone who's biyan seen on TV or something.

Anyway, so tonight I see her teaching the bhojpuri actor english.

He: "if brakfast is in the morning, what we eat in evening?"

She: "Breakfast in morning. Lunch in afternoon."

He: "But what in evening?"

She: "Brunch."

He: " What a wonderful, you're there to teach me the english.

Time to bring on the exorcist.

lots of credit: new header pix: thanks to fancy camera work by curryspice. header pix location: thanks to generous host the knife. There, I hope they'll cook me something delicious now.


Shreya said...

I just tweet-pimped your blog :D fuck i love it that much!

agent green glass said...

and i promptly clicked follow on ur twitter page! i'm a cow too :)
and yeah, thanks shreya.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Time to watch exorcist. I've been searching for a good precision puke moment to refer to in conversation. Louwe header.

Tamanna said...

DUH! I had to miss just that part yesterday. Because I was packing for a long weekend in Bombayayayayyyy! Anyway I can guess who this woman from Bigg Boss is. Sana? Tiwari? Or Sakshi? I say Sakshi. Now please confirm on tamannamishra@gmail.com :P

About the work bit, hang in there. Rockstar :)

agent green glass said...

@jil jil: please watch very carefully. I particularly love the right after you've puked look too. totally fierce and snarly, with the head still lolling around a little. thank you, louwe header too.

@tamana: ooh.long weekend in mah city is it? have a good one. yeah, dude apko milte hain siyaram suiting ki taraf se paanch sau rupaiye ka gift voucher.

Tamanna said...

Dude that's my city too :( I moved out last year and I miss it :((

agent green glass said...

@tamanna: touche. sorry. ur city too. actually marathi manoos ka city if raj has his way. btw u do know why u got the siyaram suiting voucher right? for the amazing guess work :)

Tamanna said...

Of course I know DUH! :P She is one bitch.. I think she is going to start her Splitsvilla-ish attention seeking antics tonight. WATCH OUT! I will be on my way though.. Do they repeat :P

ani_aset said...

saaksyy is gonna spice it up on BB4 ;) ...i missed that wonderful puke moment will watch it soon hehe :D