Saturday, August 22, 2009

bother, it's blubber time

What is this thing about let’s have a beer? Am i missing something here?

I’ve known him for three days. Three days of talking on the phone, trying to co ordinate how do we work together on this project, what’s it going to cost me etc.

Then this morning we meet, so I can hand over my part of the stuff to him. He turns out to be bright eyed and pretty mad . Versus the strange racoon eyed, monosyllabic person i was expecting (don’t know why, that’s the image his name gave me).

Anyway so we get along just fine, and I hand him the work. And he says cool, i’ll finish the rest, you come to my place and see if what i’ve done works for you.

Which is the done thing. See the work, discuss it, and split.

Then in the evening he calls, “ Come at six tomorrow, and I have beer at home.”

But dude, I don’t drink, hardly really. And beer, hate the stuff.

But I don’t say it. Thinking maybe it’s just the polite thing to say.

Then again we talk at night on how far the work has progressed and he says, “ Okay, see ya tomorrow and we’ll have beer okay. I'm chilling the stuff”

Okay. No, actually not okay, I hate beer. It makes me feel burpy and horribly sleepy.

But again, I laugh like I’m so cool and drink gallons of beer all the time and say cool.

Shit. What is with this beer thing? The other day I go for a recording, and the voice over artist says, Let’s meet in bandra for a beer.

No, no, no.

Let’s meet in Bandra for Sula Rose. Let’s meet in Bandra for Ivy Chenin Blanc. Or heck, if it is that bad let’s meet in Bandra for a rum and coke, so I can peacefully pass out after that.

Damn. Working class people and their preoccupation with beer.

check savagechicken for cool sticky note cartoons


This is that said...

beer..It's like it's almost not alcohol, not in a scary way that some people think Rum and coke is..even they all want to make frandshippp with you agent !!!! and make it seem all light and frothy !!!

Nu said...

Oh dear ! Sending you a BEER hug :)))) LOL

Take light :)

Me! said...


Don't say anything about my beer, wokay?!

This amber food of the Gods has the power to make all men feel single, and all women look beautiful...

'nuff said?

Pinku said...

I hate beer...cant have the stuff...

why not offer a good coffee instead?? like a cinnamon flavored one or perhaps a decent filter coffee?

why beer?

LostLittleGirl said...

Exactly doood! Can't believe others have the same dilemma! I just hate inviting those looks of shock/disgust when I confess to my abhorrence to beer. It's pretty pointless to me....firstly, it makes you feel lazy, and bloated, one bottle of this is enough to make me need another hour of gym training! So much effort for something I don't even like!

Wine is more up my alley..sadly, many people I know feel that drinking wine is not 'earthy' enough, and is only meant for fancy occasions, not when you're meeting friends at noon..but what the hell. When do I ever care about ignorant perceptions!

And why did you stop the song thing? I just saw it and it's the coolest thing I've ever seen on blogger! And don't ever meet me, since I will most definitely steal those sunglasses off you!
What sort of job do you do man..I want in :)

agent green glass said...

@this is that: frandship over beer. burpy bonding!

@nu: thank you. that was better than the real thing.

@me: ha. i think the amber liquid makes middle aged men think they're football stars. which is why you must always keep a football away from them, coz they are likely to injure themselves or their paunch with it.

and all women look beautiful, when you have had a couple of margaritas. and actually all men look like brad pitt then.

the only problem with the margarita is the name is a wuss. and it sounds like something dominoes would deliver. but ya, that is the amber food of the gods.

@pinku: good one. but what about the buzz girl.

@lostlittlegirl: you are my soul mate.
and the song thing is on.

ani_aset said...

i'm with you on this :D
well i dont drink...but atleast you stay away from beer :D

Akshay said...

that a heavy load to beer!!!

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