Thursday, August 20, 2009

why are they having a cow?

People are so sanctimonious

I’ve been reading about how shocked some folks are because Rakhi Sawant is going to bring up a baby on a reality show.

What makes her unqualified? The fact that she’s got silicon stuffed boobs and sodium nitrate or whatever filled lips?

Okay, what do you need then? A masters in ‘accidental pregnancies’. Or a BSc in ‘pressurized to have a child.’

Sure, I agree, not everyone has a child because they fucked up, literally or have to bear the burden of keeping the family name going.

But if there are a billion people popping out babies, I don’t see us standing in front of any of them with a questionnaire.

You Sir, I hear your dream in life is ‘Mera beta Doctor banega’. Sorry, no baby for you.

And you ma’am, you’re grumpy in the morning, have a foul temper through the day and think Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki is the guide to modern living. Sorry, no baby for you.

And you, I hear you drink too much. And you there, you smoke like three packs a day. And Sir, in the corner there, we know that you don’t have any time for anything but your work. And you, looking to have some fun on the side. And yup, I’m talking to you, I hear you beat your spouse. And you, you still call your mom every time you fall down. Come on, strike them all of the list.

Fine, so it is an exaggeration. But the point is no one is more or less qualified than the other person, when it comes to raising a child.

And the second point, about how nasty are the parents who’re giving up their little babies, only so they can stare into Rakhi’s heavily bronzed bosom. Well, what can I say?

Some folks push their kids into acting. Some push them into academic careers they don’t want. Some don’t let them marry people they want. Some dump them on doorsteps. Some force them to live a lie about their sexuality. Some manipulate them, some emotionally blackmail them. Some even give them ghastly nicknames! Let’s round them all up.

It takes all kinds. And I suspect the problem is not Rakhi Sawant, the problem is anyone can have a child. It’s free. Without any questions, without any qualifications.

Some make good parents. Some don’t. And you can’t tell, not by the size of the boobs, or by the size of the wallet, who’s going to be on which end.
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The knife said...

thank God that I grew up at a time when we played cricket and didn't go to cricket classes...though that explains why I sucked though

As the Mind Meanders said...

I see your point...

I still think that the concept is sick... its not about Rakhi Sawant...

Its about putting a little child through a 13 week reality television grind at a time where his / her mind is the most malleable... that bothers me...

And will it end there... the parents who have tasted blood... and money... aren't likely to get over it... another poor child lives through a complex childhood (which isn't really simple even in 'normal' circumstances)that might just scar his thought process for life

Anonymous said...

Well done!
The least deserving have kids first, don't they?

agent green glass said...

@the knife: : ) take heart, i suck at all games.

@blog gore: it fascinates me. can you imagine what will happen to these kids. so warped and dysfunctional they could turn out - the potential is enormous.

@choco: i don't know. really. you think so?

Small Miracle said...

Hmmm.very well said. Who are we to judge and when we ALL have massive skeletons in our closets, big or small...and can barely muster enough energy to keep them closets closed.

Why do we just judge, judge , judge!! Who is to say that this Kid doesn't become another Kamal Hassan or Sri Devi of tom??!! They too started out at 4 or something. Why do we only expect the worst to happen??!!

The sky is NOT gonna fall on our heads anytime soon!!!!

ani_aset said...

i think more than rakhi doing the show..i do not like the idea of pushing babies into somehow robs them of a normal childhood

Meghana Naidu said...

Bang on girl, Bang on.

Miri said...

well said.