Friday, August 28, 2009

can't get no satisfaction

I don’t know what I expected. That they would break down and cry perhaps.

But naah. This is how it went.

Me: Okay, I just want to tell you guys, I’ve quit.

Pause. Where I hope they’ll go white and faint.

Them: Oh. Okay. We knew.

Me: whaaat?

Five minutes later. I try another set of people.

Me: Hey, just thought I should tell you, I’ve put in my papers.

Pause. Where I’m hoping, please, please, let them screech and tear their hair in horror.

But no.

Them: Ya. We heard.

What the fuck. This place is worse than a sieve. I told two people a week back, and now the whole office knows. Robbing me of my moment of glory.

By the way, I just tried the canteen guy, hoping the tea tray would slip from his hand. But he just nodded and said, “Bahut pehle malum tha.”

Bloody hell, are they all taking classes from Hugh Grant?

Not even one upper lip trembled.


Me! said...


Congratulations !

didn't think it would happen SO soon!

and call me if it ever gets scary and you need to be reminded why It's-Best-NOT-Having-a-"Boss"...


Hyde said...

I remember the time when I had to pretend to the rest of the team that the news came as a shock to me. My colleague was very pleased that I did it so well!

As the Mind Meanders said...

Oh No!

Don't tell me... this is shocking... what do we do with the clothes now... :-)

I do hope whatever you do in the future allows you to use the gorgeous clothes that you used to wear at work...

Divya said...

Tsk tsk.. its sad when you're robbed of the satisfaction of delivering shocking news. Well good luck with whatever new you have lined up :)

Anonymous said...

You: Okay, I just want to tell you guys, I’ve quit.
Me: Whaaa???? When???? Why!!?!! All those posts with you in cool dress downs from your workplace... I never in a million moons saw this coming!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH..I have spilled scalding hot coffee all over my desk now.............

Pinku said...


sorry for the disappointment of not being able to disappoint.

Hope greener pastures lie ahead for agent green glass... :)

Small Miracle said...

All the best....I KNOW this is the best decision...U r so gonna keep rockin

agent green glass said...

@me: thank you

@hyde: ya. that what i was thinking. they could have at least pretended to be shocked.

i could have preened, and patted them on their back - but alas.

@blog gore: ha, i will now work for myself. so i don't think the clothes will be a problem. : ) woo hoo.

@divya: thank you, thank you.

@choco: heh heh. you made my day.
: )

@pinku: thank you

@small miracle: yup, it is finally happening. still be at work for a month. putting stuff together. such excitement. : ) thank you for the faith girl.

Eveline said...

oh lawd jesus that's awful. Yeah. I feel your pain. Kinda happened to me too.

PS: I love your blog already, just for that. :D

This is that said...

really you did so !!!!!!!!!!!! no!!!!!!!!!!! I have to hear it from here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying. But I knew. Pata chal gaya. You are the glass I say.. translucent at that too.

You are going to now do what you should do. And happily.

Love you.

mentalie said...

tsk, AGG. i knew too. but don't let the luke warm response get to you. wait until you can call them all up while you're on sabbatical or better still doing your own thing. what fun it'll be rubbing that in. just think!

Mom Gone Mad said...

LOL!!!Delurking to say your blog is hilarious!

And your outfits, awesome.

Keep rocking, AGG!

Mom Gone Mad said...

Oh, jobs very overrated, no?

Though dammit - the moolah comforts.

agent green glass said...

@eveline: : )

@this is that: never mind, thanks for the attempt at least.

@mentalie: ha. rubbing it in. boy, do i hope so.

@mom gone mad: oh, how i love that name. Ya, you are right. the damn monthly cheque. the devil in disguise.

ani_aset said...

omg u quit? why?
on your own ?
and that different dress every day and all that what now?
ok you make your own rules now?