Monday, July 27, 2009

long live bhabhiji. long live anglaish.

So depressing.

A has gone outta town. Saat samunder paar and all that. And i just missed my second dance class today. Two hours on Sunday and one hour on Monday - gone. Flushed down with, ummm, okay let’s not get into that.

So now from being ahead of the class, i’ll be back to being last. Boo fucking hoo.

While on the class, let me tell you the difference between the Mac boys and the non Mac boys. Now salsa is a dance where the guy leads, where you dance in unison and all that. The Mac boys will laugh, throw themselves on the floor with gusto, and we’ll have much fun trying to get it right.

The Non Macs will blush when they have to hold your hand. Then they’ll be all conscious about not stamping on your feet. They’ll stare at your ear, instead of looking you in the eye. Dude, I don’t give a shit. I’m here to dance. Not to play footsie with you. Let’s get on with it.

Most i endure because you must practise with all kinds. But I think another time one of them gives me a limp hand, and shuffles around looking all apologetic, i’ll just stamp on his feet.

Bored Trivia 1: In case you want porn stars to help you with your general knowledge.

Which in turn reminds me, Savitha Bhabi is dead. It is a great loss. We shall observe a two minute silence.

The I&B ministry really needs to get a life.

Kahani Mein Twist 1:

For all those who are getting their knickers in a twist, Savitha Bhabi lives on. No, not in our hearts, but on facebook. Ha Ha I&B Ministry.

And finally I’m developing a new language. It’s called Anglaish. Here’s the drift. Why not spell words the way we use them. Why should we blindly ape the Brits? Down with the silent alphabets and the weird -ass spellings. Instead I present to you Anglaish. Here are a few examples.

Goment for government. What a waste of alphabets really.

Bijness. Ya, we mean bijness ya.

Piarents. Spell it like it is. Adarniya piarents.

And finally, the world loves labhars.

With that, I must take your leave to watch Rakhi ji. My mascot for Angliash. Here are some gems from her. “Mujhe log slot kehte hain”. And, “woh kya poochna chahta tha, am I a vergen?”


Anonymous said...

Hahaaa..Phunny I tell ya...Though I do not watch soaps/serials etc (kaash..I would've understood better if I had) but I am all for Anglaish!

Digistrom said...

LMAO @ the Rakhi lines.

Kokonad said...

Piarent! Ha ha ha ha! Piarent! :))

By the way, have you seen any episode of "Rakhi ka swayamvar"? :D Oh man you will clutch your head out of anguish. Sheer mental anguish, I tell you.
Here's an example - the one that cracks me up BIG TIME.
(Defintely pay attention 1:00 min into the video)

As the Mind Meanders said...

Nahiiiin! Mere Rakhi ke baare mein aise sarcatstick comment na karna... dil me pan hota hai...

aakhir mein uska saatva pati banne ko looks forwards kar rahan hun...

Mein apna names bhi badal rahan hun... I will be calleds Shahrukhs...

ani_aset said...

hehe laaabli post...
Another dancer getting pissed with partners hehe :P good good

I actually give my partners a good set of spins to ensure they keep their hands stiff to get leads..but you being a follower don't have much choice :P

Anonymous said...

I understand what you ean about the shy simpering salsa dodos. I've had my share of them. Ugh!

Bleoow is how Rakhi darling says blue. She's going to really promote anglaigh, I say.

slash\\ said...

Erm... How about a NSFW alert with certain links? I am a link-slave, and will click anything that's posted on a blog.
Fortunately, I work in advertising, where people around are used to seeing skimpy-clads on screens (in the guise of research). But other readers might not be so lucky ;)

Pinku said...

my dad in law (being a bong) once said "let your laabh grow" we still tease him with that line.

having said that....the new language is welcome....

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Savita bhabhi was hot shot thingy ...I got her whole collection :P

**** and I wrote it after 2mins silence****

As the Mind Meanders said...

AGG has disappeared :-(

backpacker said...

haha! love the thought.

been doing it for a while and refer to my friends as maidum and sar. amreeka and kenneda.


agent green glass said...

@all those who left a comment: Agent Green Glass had an attack of the runs. As in run to the bathroom faster than your legs can carry you. And was unavailable to reply to your comments.

But she is eternally grateful that you guys bothered to read her post and leave a comment. And promises you that she will deal with shit later, and comments first.

so stomach withstanding or not, she will now reply to show you how 'teched' she is by your kind attention.

ani_aset said...

Shit Happens!!

So deal with that first before comments :)

Take care

agent green glass said...

@ani_aset: tch tch. thanks for telling me it's okay to feel crappy. : )

mentalie said...

AGG, i believe rakhi's immortal line was 'arrey, mai slot hoon, toh hoon!'

Kokonad said...

LOL @ mentalie

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