Tuesday, August 25, 2009

shut up and dance

Bird Flu Tuesday

First, enormous respect for all those who have (or have had at some point) three year old kids.

Bloody hell. My cousin and her son came to spend the day yesterday. And he is my nephew. And a mighty adorable one at that. And an extremely peaceful kid too, since I was all prepared for him.

I gave him all the jenga blocks and all the dogs’ toys.

But when they left I felt like I had just survived hurricane Katrina or Andrew or both put together. My legs ached, I felt so wrung out that I skipped dance, ate two dinners and then wrote a blog on hospitals.

Whew, Mims if you’re reading this, then you should know that you are up there, right up there. Gallantry award goes to SB – sorry, now SS.

Second I had a feverish restless night. The kind you have on the eve of chicken pox or typhoid. So the only way to get through the day was with a heavy dose of MIA in my head.

Note for A: Even on my deathbed if you put on Bird Flu, I’m gonna get up and dance. Don't freak okay.

And, if anyone here doesn’t like my hands and feet, they can fug off.

The village got on the phone
Big on the underground,

What’s the point of knocking me down?

Everybody knows I’m already good on the ground.


Small Miracle said...

agreed agent! Big respect to all the mothers of the world... Every time i spend a few hours with a kid a few of my eggs die in my ovaries with fright.Its crazzzyyyyyyyyy!!! I love how ur writing has evolved over the past few months. U r gettin better than best ; )

Mumbai Diva said...

LOVE the toe rings. very creative.

hey, that's a threadwork Bindaas anklet....originally made by a group in rajasthan. I used to stock in my erstwhile shop. Used to sell by the dozens. loved all the colours. sigh! memories.

anamika said...

No, in fact, Absolutely loved your feet, they are gorgeous, get them insured.Sorry, no insurance. I was desperately trying to sound funny.No offense.Chill.( pardon moi cockiness)

See, you make me comment on you body parts. You asked for it.

You write really well.keep them coming, dudess :D

anamika said...

@ ***A: Even on my deathbed if you put on Bird Flu, I’m gonna get up and dance. Don't freak okay.***

*Sob,sob,sob*, am i that bad.mera kasoor? :(

This is that said...

hahahahaha..now you know !!! The feet gorgeous as ever..the ring too I love..the white flower thingy..

agent green glass said...

@small miracle: ha ha. i can imagine a few eggs getting fried in fright. like a gary larson cartoon. : ) thanks sweetie.

@mumbai diva: Bindaas anklet. wow. so you had a shop eh? i want to meet you. really.
btw, i went to ur blog and i loved the post about the married couple at dinner. outstanding.

@this is that: : ) love the ring too.

LostLittleGirl said...

arrrre how do you manage to wear these rings on your toes? I tried that sometime back, but kept tripping or they kept falling off. So now I wear simple bands..am jealous of this talent of yours!

Have dozens of those anklets too..love them. And you have pretty feet :)

The knife said...

I had couple of 2.5 yr olds visiting us a few saturdays back with their parents. i was deadbeat having made kosha mangsho and moorg mango dolly (!)... the kids enterntained themselves and i could hear the parents talk marriage

SUHAS ROCZ said...

the small poem or watever it is...liked it :)

hey, juz wrote a story. want u 2 read it...can I buy ur time???

agent green glass said...
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agent green glass said...

roblem. they start the day on my toes and end up on my fingers.

this pix was taken when i still wasn't running around. they just slip out. the bands is a good idea. i shall try em.

@the knife: what is moorg mango dolly. pls pls....when are we meeting. to feast. remember the Food Club?

@suhas rockz: dude, those are the Bid Flu opening lines.

SUHAS ROCZ said...

You mean this one ??
Big on the underground,What’s the point of knocking me down? Everybody knows I’m already good on the ground.

vaise did u read my post "The inexpensive truth" ??

ani_aset said...

youtube doesn work in office :(
the flipflops look cool :D
I love kids :D