Wednesday, October 6, 2010

first you dish the dirt, then you diss the dirt

I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya’s all my life.

And obviously they’ve had a deep rooted impact on me.

Because the four words that still get me every time are, “Pata hai kya hua?”

These can be punctuated with a Haw before or after the sentence for extra drama. As in Haw, pata hai kya hua? G came to work wearing V’s shirt!

Of course the Haw that follows must be backed by an interesting fact, like a return gift for the gossip. “ Haw Really? She is such a slut eh? ”

There is the more sophi (old Calcutta slang for sophisticated) version of Pata hai kya hua which is Fuck, you’d never guess.

Also four words. Also explosive.

Guess I’ve grown up.

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Hyde said...


I have heard that "haw" too, usually as a reaction. :-D

Aneela Z said...

and it must mean something for the double whammy my generation received (attending a Convent at times of great Islamization) that one had to respond by
" Khudaya, naheee" and
" Forgive me my Lord, but yes she is such a slut"

agent green glass said...

@hyde: oooh. the mind boggles. tell us. and start with pata hai kya hua....

@aneela: ha ha. that's super super funny. if i ever wrote a book, i would put that in for sure.

The Goddess of Boho said...

Haaawww :O
I *love * conversations that start like that btw :D
Nice blog you have there :)

Atrisa said...

Kya baat kar rai hai? :O
is what we use often here in Delhi.
which translates to
i *always* knew she was a slut!

Perakath said...

Haha this made me laugh!

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

"Dude! Have you heard????"

Sunshinemom said...

Hey! I too went to KVs all through my school days. I remember the 'haw' and also, I still tend to use 'pata hai kya hua'! Didn't know it has come from my school days!

Nitika said...

Its been Army School and KV for me too :) With a few Convents thrown here and there. But KV was the best time ever :)

Did you know some KV kids lately have started referring to themselves as Kenvins?
I think saying central school isnt cool anymore. But then it wasnt during my time either.


agent green glass said...

@goddess of boho: nice patchwork skirt on ur blog. I lourve.

@atrisa: heh heh. ya, woh aisi hi hai, slut kahinki!

@perakath: wassup wt u? coming bk this side any time soon?

@jil jil: that too! u'll never believe wat i saw/heard/read!

@sunshinemon: KV KV!!! what fun. i always feel very excited when i see a fellow central school wala/wali.

@nikita: kenvins??????? why, that's as bad as saying st. central school! but look at comment above, and so happy to meet another kenvin!

Perakath said...

Sadly, no yo. You this side?

Nitika said...

Haha. I think Kenvin is their way of trying to fit in with the Johnians, Cottonians, LaMartians, Sanawar(ians)... you get my drift.
The poor sods :)

And really great to know you too(through your blog). Dont see too many Central School types around. Not in Delhi/Chandigarh atleast.


agent green glass said...

@perakath: nope. we shall have to wait i guess - one magical mystical night out is due from last time.

nikita: hawww yaar! KV sector 47, pure chaar saal :)

Nitika said...

4 saal? ek School? Cosidering Sec 47 wala KV, Daddy AF mein? Hum Infantry types, 2 saal mein movement order!

Chandigarh full of Sanawar/John/Carmel/Sacred Heart/Model/APS Dagshai.
I wasnt in school there. Graduated from GCG-11.

agent green glass said...

bang on. infantry eh? yeah, only school i managed 4 years in. that too bcoz dad was in the upper reaches of ladakh.
but, yeah, i know how it felt - sanawar, st bedes, carmel - aur hum central school!

moonlite:D said...

hmmmm. comments not for the post
1. finally we can see ur pic :) n ur very pretty
2. the new header is good
3. is that your tattoo!!

agent green glass said...

moonlite: 1. wow. thank you. rarely have i been called pretty. low light photography works :) 2. yeah, change is good. 3. yep, mine.

Eveline said...

Eh, you're right. There is no escape! Help! *secret handshake*

ani_aset said...

Haaw sach!! :P