Wednesday, September 22, 2010

missing in action

Make up sex and break up sex have made the urban dictionary.

What I want to know is when will wake up sex get its due?


Spaz Kumari said...

it only takes a minute.

(the submission, not the sex.)

(i wouldn't know either way, actually.)

right, i'm just going to go now.

Eveline said...

hahaha... Well, it should. Morning sex is good. As a matter of fact the only thing better than morning sex is all day sex punctuated by breaks for ice cream and beer. But morning sex can have consequences, especially when aided by modern medicine.

agent green glass said...

spaz: ummm...okay...whatever...yeah...

:))) agree. would like to add afternoon sex to the list as well.

ani_aset said...

aaah sexciting it would be :P

Anonymous said...

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