Wednesday, September 1, 2010

feeling groovy

a cancelled trip to the hills.

a trip to goa that almost happened.

a trip to greece that never did.

and then, heavy rain, storm warnings, the dicey konkan railways.

so this morning when i got up and saw the sun had come out.

can you blame me for going so fucking loopy with joy.

see you guys on monday.

picture credit:, place i'm going to stay and girl with the dreadlocks.


Shreya said...

going on a vacation? have fun :]

The Cloudcutter said...

What men, going without me? :-(

The knife said...

wow. looks fantastic. Must check it out

Pinku said...

ENVY>>>>>IN Shocking green...

lucky u...have fun on behalf of all us sloggers stuck in the city

Small Miracle said... seein those damn snakes make out really did turn out to be lucky i say! ; ) told ya so!! have funnnnnnnn and keep a look for snakes making out...we can never have enough luck i say!!

ani_aset said...

enjaii AGG :)

Eveline said...

Saturrrrrrday. Tonight - going to Opening Night at the Naga Kitchen; VIP entry with comp food. Still, what I wouldn't give for a REAL vacation, AGG, you lucky girl. Enjoy your time off!

callezee said...

"No drugs only love and hugs" marvellous quote..