Saturday, August 28, 2010

if i was a colour, it would be a mottled purple

What the fuck is the difference between house and trance and techno?

No dude, don’t get me wrong. I like the stuff. You can stomp your feet and bob your head like crazy. But it all sounds the same. Slightly trippy, and always surprising to hear lyrics.

What the fuck is an ecopolitical spiritual mentor?

Yup, he sent me a mail. And I don’t know how to reply. Do I address him as Cosmic President. Or Leader of the Union Territory of the Universe.

What the fuck is with sports?

They fine the Sri Lankans for not letting Sehwag make his hundred. What should they start doing now? Overthrowing as soon as a batsman reaches 70. And then the Chelsea team have their underwear getting cut on a regular basis. Not by lingerie models, but by a prankster. Really, can you support a team that’s racing around in holey undies?

What the fuck is with these idiots?

Today we see two snakes getting jiggy with it in the park. And there are twenty autos, and 6 school kids, and at least fifteen sundry people craning their necks to watch because it’s a good omen. Dude, you try having sex while being watched by thirty devout people.

The only good omen here is that the snakes didn’t come racing out to bite everyone’s head off.

What the fuck is with you and me?

Yes you. Are we good? Or are you avoiding me? And in case there’s any confusion, I’m talking about you A.

And finally what the fuck is with blogger meets?

90% population came because they they could meet some chicks. Or are hoping to make money off their blogs. Or get a job. Or because they probably have their parents pickled in a jam jar in their fridge. Or then because they “just love writing. It is my passion.”

Barf. What the fuck is with this week i'm having.


Kroswami said...

[to be read in as asexual a frame of mind as that of an 92 yr old rock]

i love you

soin said...

no one seems to watch dog sex. poor dogs

Small Miracle said...

hmmmm...considering u saw the snakes make out i am thinkin next week will be awesome..good omen n all :) hugggsssss

Spaz Kumari said...

actually our blogger meet was not for that purpose actually :(

however what is really creepy is housefly sex. You never really notice it.... until you notice it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh... I so agree....

I did not know that snakes did it! This is exactly why I unsubscribed the discovery channel!

As for bloggers treating blogosphere as What the fuck indeed!

Eveline said...

I was never a clique person. I was always into progressive rock and jazz, had a different way of dressing and only spoke to selective ppl - and was always seen as weird by all the others at college as well as at work. Screw the lot of them. It's nice being a misfit. At least you know you're an individual.

Well whatever's bugging you, here's a sure fire way of getting through it. Blow some bubbles. *hands over jar of bubbles* You'll feel better. Promise. :)

agent green glass said...

@kro: asexual 92 year old rock eh. like the one in BC comics?

sion: maybe. maybe not.

small miracle: yeah. my mom says if i had thrown a red cloth on them, it wld be super lucky. first you stare at them, then you try and blind them! i wld have been super lucky to come out alive.
hugggssssss back.

@spaz kumari: did you guys have a blogger meet too. ours was the indiblogger meet. gosh. it was like a losers meet. only thing that kept me sane was the company of

@choco: yeah. not discovery. try the hisssssstory channel. heh heh.

@eve: you are the coolest woman. the rest of your office/college can go to hell. i agree. misfits are good.

thank you. jar of bubbles much appreciated. went well with the pork i pigged on :)

ani_aset said...

you went to a bloggers meet eh :) nothing is wrong ..these things will always be there..its just the phase :D