Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My parents got it all wrong.

They insisted i fucking study and do something with my life.

Now, I work like a slave, make nowhere near what i should be making and listen to snotty fucking MBA’s as they rave and rant and use works like brand osmosis and cultural denial while discussing some shit soap that i wouldn’t even touch with a dirty undie.

And all this, while my hair dresser which is just a fancy word for barber, jacks her price to three thousand bucks.

Ya, three thousand bucks to take a scissor and a comb and cut my hair to make it look like I have just-out-of-bed hair

Really, what is she charging so much for? The three thousand bucks does not even include a free shampoo.

All it includes is loud music and some skinny women who’re all munching gum and wearing horribly hip clothes.

My parents were so clearly out of it.

And I’m so clearly paying through my bleeding nose to look cool.

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The perks of being on notice period is that i seem to be drowning in music. It’s on the pod, the laptop and blaring out of the speakers at work.

So today is Suzie Q by CCR. I love CCR, especially John Fogerty. Drool drool. And I love songs that have a honky tonk lament. If there is a song that sets the mood, it is Suzie Q. Enjoy.


As the Mind Meanders said...

What! Your haircut costs 3000 bucks... you must be rich... I wanna be adopted... Mama... help...

Saltwater Blues said...

3,000 bucks! You cut your hair at Juice or wot!

... You like CCR and Johnny " who'll stop the rain" Fogerty!! :)) I swear if you weren't already married I'd go down on my knees and beg.

slash\\ said...

3000? I refuse to pay anything in even three figures to any barber. 40 bucks, 'medium cut' is all I can settle for.

And yeah, those "Mujhe Bahout Aata" types people in boardrooms make me want to throw my aspirational laptop at their Maslow heads every time.

Notice period? Sigh. Now THAT'S one happy period, no?

Mumbai Diva said...

how old are you? wait till you hit mid 30s. right now i have this urge to chuck all this marketing nonsense and become a radio jockey!!!!!!

Small Miracle said...

hmmm...if i was u....i would be lookin fer a new "hip" hair dresser

Errr...also my MBA degree hangs at my work place....can we still be friends ; )Frandship puhlease?!!

Divya said...

Wow. 3000.. The msot expensive haircut Ive had is 800. And my dad looks on in bewliderment as he tells me how his most expensive haircut ever is 50 bucks.

The knife said...

I still miss my five rupee haircuts.

Nice pics

The Cloudcutter said...

And I thought the 450 rupees (plus taxes) that I pay was too much.

It aint me, it aint me, I aint no millionaires son, no.
It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no.

Next time, take the 3,000 rupees and buy an original John Fogerty Live in Concert dvd (you'll still have lots of money left to spare). Then cut your own hair while watching the show, at least people will notice that you did something "different" to your hair!

Tongue Trip said...

Perhaps Paint It Black by Rolling Stones does the same thing to me what Suzy Q does to you. i'm curious about your hair style now. totally chilled-out blog. cheers!

agent green glass said...

@blog gore: there's a clarification for you. sorry to ruin your adoption plans.

@SwB: :))) loooove fogerty!

@slash: aspirational laptop. lol. sometimes i feel like chucking my 'let's clinch the deal and do a high-five phone' at them too.

happy period = notice period. oooh, i love it.

@divya: how about a radio show in jargon speak? : )

@small miracle: heh heh. frands and piss!

@divya: ya. i know. till today my mom thinks i have a 250 buck haircut. last time she came to town, she asked me to take her to the 250 buck place, and i panicked!

@the knife: italian saloon?! the famous cal speciality. i miss that.

@the cloudcutter: check clarification. and fogerty lives in mah heart!

agent green glass said...

@tongue trip: thank you. yeah, i love the stones. but it is jumping jack flash all the way. followed by sympathy for the devil.

ani_aset said...

oh my god 3000 :P thats too much :D