Monday, November 30, 2009

who can tell - part 2

So Dying To Marry A Rich Guy has been burning up the phone lines with me.

She wants to quit working, wear kitten heels, and stand in a 5 star lobby and dial her driver.

She’s asked her parents to find this guy.

And then she calls me and wails about marrying a man her parents find. And sleeping with this stranger.

So I like this girl. She’s sassy, funny and level headed.

But ever since she’s turned into Dying To Marry A Rich Guy, all I want to do is shake her hard till her teeth fall out and her brains fall into place.

I have no patience for this. You want a rich guy. Then please spare us the how will I sleep with him, and will he be a Mensa graduate, and even I have some self respect.

Just go ahead and say Fuck it, he’s loaded and that’s all I care about.

I have another friend who did just that. She said she married for love the first time. And it left her with a broken heart and the resolve never to marry for love again.

So she married a rich guy, and she’s pretty happy now.

So what’s the conclusion? I have no idea. I guess to each his own.

I just wish love had some part to play here.

Or then maybe to quote the great philosopher Tina Turner: what’s love, but a second hand emotion.

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soin said...

theres nothing called love.just proofs of it.and sometimes you can prove it with

Nu said...

I believe there is no standard definition of Love. It is how you take it and experience it ! Like you said to each his own !

This is that said...

Wonder what your conversations are like with this one ..really wonder..

Divya said...

Giving importance to something and denying it is pointless. Though I can never imagine marrying for money. That's so (for lack of a better word here) boring.

Anonymous said...

"Money can't buy me love" :D

DewdropDream said...

Of course love plays a part! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has one love that is ultimate. It just may not involve another human, that is all.

Anita :) said...

"all I want to do is shake her hard till her teeth fall out and her brains fall into place"
LOVELY sentence. Money cant buy love, and love cant demand more money..:) I love these friends of yours. They are species of the rarest kind. :)

Atrisa said...

Haha! What's right and what's wrong is anybody's guess. I, for one, have stopped judging people. You are right, to each his own.

Pinku said...

Hope she finds the money....

Anonymous said...

So I have this friend who married this really loaded shippy fella - and she still has a blast with her old boyfriend when he is away and parties hard with his money... at least her husband is happy for he believes that someone is waiting for him when he gets home - and she is happy well, finding use for his money! Win win situation

ani_aset said...

you made some effort haan to shake her up :P. i like your fundas on love