Saturday, November 21, 2009

rant in my underpant

Fought with milo.

Burst into tears.

Made up.

A ignores me.

Think he’s worried i’m behaving

Like a ticking time bomb strapped to a see saw

I grumble about the TV being on

And the fridge that’s empty

No energy to fill it

Domestic goddess is long dead

Two people call

They mean money

No energy to call back

Business goddess is feeling blah

Stomach hurts

Shoulders hurt even more

The bath soap that I usually love

Felt like a blob of used paneer today

The class I have at 1 noon

I don’t care, i’m not going

All this

And it’s only 11.30 on a Saturday morning.

Pee fucking em ess.

and why do people say

let's make love


say it like it is

feel too shy to say let's fuck

let's have sex

then say let's make out

just please

let's make love is so pahargunj

it's something richard bach

or yanni would probably say.

lame brain.

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Digistrom said...

"Let's make love!" sounds gay. And you need coffee.... I think.

Pinku said...

someone is very upset!!!

lie back and enjoy the day....fuck the class, order a pizza and some really chilled coke and let business be done from monday to friday.
saturdays are for lazy goosing. :)

have a good weekend....

dont let the PMS get to you.

Nu said...

oh sweetie.. I know this feeling and the pain ! But hey chill girl..get some nice movie to something you really like and haven't eaten for long...indulge in chocolates...or what abt getting yourself a head massage or a foot massage ? Nice idea ?

Just do something which will take away your attention from that Pee em ess...heheh nice one ! It's not worth attending,you see :)

The knife said...

is it sort of OK to give me commiserations to A? Ouch, I'll take cover

Atrisa said...

Oh my lord. I was just talking to a friend the other day and I was telling him how I feel that during the build-up to the act you can either say "Let's fuck", "Let's have sex" or "Let's make love"

Now the first two are just plain "physical" and the last is too pansy. Is there nothing inbetween? :|

The Cloudcutter said...

Aww! What did u and Milo fight about???

And instead of "let's make love" people can just flash each other and say "do you want the sexy time?" a la The President is Coming.
Have you watched it? If not, then please do NOW. After that you'll be like PMS? What's that?

Anita :) said...

AGG surely is upset...a bit frustrated...a bit cranky... AGG definitely needs good sleep, a comedy movie, lots of food and friends to cheer her up :-) I wish you get all these !

Parul said...

Why Paharganj, though?

oRange* said...

pahargunj ..LMFAO!

Meghana Naidu said...

the storm abates...?
ROFL@ used paneer
ROFL@lame brain

we were in delhi for a edcational tour and the dumb-shit travel agent of ours booked accommodation in pahargunj.

we got out of there as fast as our 12-day-trip luggage would let us.
*shudder shudder.

agent green glass said...

pharganj: that seedy place where strange men with oily hair slide up to you, and then say, " hello lady, let me show you how to have pleasant time. we will takes tea, and then makes love."

The knife said...

AGG your last line comment reminded me of the KK song for Mithunda...'step by step we make love'