Tuesday, November 10, 2009

overheard over the weekend

Saturday. Late lunch at cafe.

The next table has a girl and a guy sitting across each other. She’s leaning towards him, he’s settled back, leaning away, in to his chair.

Girl: Wow. New year? That is such a cool plan.

Guy: I know, it should be a lot of fun.

Girl: It’s fantastic. You guys will have such a great time.

Guy stuffs his face with bread and says hmmmm.

Girl: I wish I could go too. You know I love the beach.

Guy tries to smile politely through a mouthful, nods head and goes hmmmm.

Sunday. At V’s place.

Guy: Are you busy? Got any ads?

Girl: No ya. Not so busy. Ads...One woman called me. For an underwear shoot.

Guy smiles nervously.

Girl: I said okay, what’s the money. She said fifteen thousand. I said no way honey.

Guy: Good ya.

Girl: Exactly. She said it’s only above the waist. So I was like listen that is my best part. You don’t get great boobs for cheap.

Guy laughs. Takes a quick sip of his drink.

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Meghana Naidu said...

now we know *why* all the wrong people are hanging out with the right people
chemistry my ass

Atrisa said...

Assets or no ass-ets?

Mohan said...

may be you are creeping into the privacy of others just like that fly ?? okay.. i welcome the flame!