Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have no idea why anyone would like white skin.

Not white skin as in white people. But white skin.

It does nothing to me. Nothing at all. I can’t imagine white skin the way I can brown.

Brown skin under the shower, as the water bounces off it. Brown skin in the sunshine, browned just a little more in happiness. Brown skin, with goosebumps. Brown skin under cool white sheets. Brown skin entwined with brown skin.

Brown skin, in pink, magenta, orange, lime green. Brown skin with a chilled glass of beer resting on it. Brown skin buried in sand. Brown skin with light brown sand smeared on it.

Brown skin like toast. Brown skin with beads. Brown skin with gold glinting off it. Brown skin on cool terracotta tiles. Brown skin with flipflops. Brown skin with an ice cube trailing down it. Brown skin in the summer, beads of sweat lazily tracing their way down. Brown skin in a spike lee movie.

Brown skin like chocolate. Brown skin like honey. Brown skin like cocoa.

Brown skin in motion. Brown skin in black and white. Brown skin in magic light.

And no, I have not gone back to smoking up.


Divya said...

I feel the same about blonde hair. Red, brown, purple streaked, anything will do... running one's fingers through blonde hair just doesn't seem right.

The post was like an awesome photo montage :)

Kokonad said...

You can make this into a nice song you know? :)

The Cloudcutter said...

Wow! This is EXACTLY how I feel, and you've expressed it so beautifully.
I think we got separated in the Kumbh Mela and now Mr M and his honey-brown eyes will bring us back together, instead of a locket!

Mohan said...

Interesting read... when people say white skin, they literally don't mean white :-P. You do have lots of valid points... even then people just go after that fairer skin!

As the Mind Meanders said...


You dont need to smoke up do you... you do wonders without the need for any substance mate..

Awesome writing... you get brown-ie points for this one... yummy... :-)

Himanshu Tandon said...

Very Interesting.
Never thought so about being 'brown'. White, creamy, wheatish, brown (wheat bread brown, muddy brown and blackish brown)...hmmm I guess I have just been observing everyone's complexion in the office today.

Is that being a little racist in a way??? :)

slash\\ said...

Nicely done.
But you not liking white skin, isn't that...reverse racism or something?

- Sugar Cube - said...


But brown skin in lime green ? :|
This one's a bit hard to imagine :P

The Cloudcutter said...

I've stopped eating bread these days and that picture is filling my head with sinful thoughts.
Shee, I never thought I would salivate over two pieces of toast!

Pinku said...

so true :)

Perakath said...

Hark the green-skinned girl!

agent green glass said...

@divya: i'm with you. specially blonde on brown. nope. black hair on brown, purple hair on brown, dark blue hair on brown - woweee.

@kokonad: : )yunfortunately the stones sorta beat me to it, with brown sugar.

@cloudcutter: oh, mr M is so brown. like an ice cream flavour brown. and you are so right about those delicious eyes. warm and gooey.

@mohan: yup, white skin is okay. but brown skin is waaay better. lazy, languid, and made for the beach.

@atmm: ha ha, such a nut!

@himanshu: wat fun. i can imagine you staring at peoples complexions. and all the shades. why shd it make you a racist. and be careful with the staring - it could make you creepy! (i'm kidding okay, in case you get all touchy.

@slash: damn. why can't i just say it. i like brown skin. i'm not saying i like brown people or white people. just the yummy colour of skin. as long as i'm not stalking people, and peeling their skin off, and collecting it in my loft - who cares.

@sugar cube: you have brown skin? wear lime green. okay think of a acid green lime. now imagine that lime falling plop into a long island iced tea. that's how good it looks.

@cloudcutter: oooh bread. can live on it. specially when it's warm and the butter runs on it. aaah.

@pinku: : )

@perakath: wow. i like that line. can i use it please. hark, the green skinned girl. like a chameleon she moves.
i'm keeping it. thank you.

disappearslikesmoke said...

brown the rolling stones song. :))

agent green glass said...

@disappearslikesmoke: its too funny. see my reply to kokonad. dude, we're playing the same music. i love you like crazy.

Arslan said...

Skin color is always at the back of my head here in Europe, especially in Sweden. It's not about which is better, just a very glaring reminder that I'm different. Vice versa for (white) foreigners in India.

Shrinivas said...

woah!!! so people do like brown!!! u made my day ;)

Jenna said...

Hey - I'm OK with my white skin! (I don't mean "being white" of course, but my white skin). It took me years to embrace the pale-ass lily that is myself. I'm whiter than most white people. I used to hate it and wish I could tan instead of turn red. I wish my zits weren't so damn pink with nothing to hide them. I used to wish I didn't stick out so much when I traveled, like my cousin Diane who has olive skin and can blend in anywhere between Turkey and Indonesia. Used to make me jealous. But now I'm OK with it.

But I can kind of see what you mean - with years and years of whitening creams being pushed on Indian women (and Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Middle Eastern etc. women) it's time to knock it off and stop pretending that white skin is the end-all and be-all.

Jenna said...
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agent green glass said...

hey jenna: was thrilled to see you. suddenly. outta the blue. its been ages and all that.
on the white skin, sure, its good to make peace with what you have. love the skin you are in, stolen from olay of course.
but i really really love brown skin. its just so sensual. and ya, i went through all the shit about my mom telling me not to stand in the sun, and get more tanned etc etc.
but now i love the nutty brown i turn. maybe, it is what you said, making peace with your colour. or maybe i'm just crazy about brown skin. yum yum.

The knife said...

lovely post...browned toast with butter anyday

Anita :) said...

Hey that one was more poem than prose. I felt proud of my skin . Thank you dear!

Anita said...

Lemme tell you a small story.

Iam a 29 year ol` brown skinned women. Past four years of turn-downs from prospective "grooms" for brown skin. Parents sad. So me sad and confused.

Cut to present: My boyfriend of one year loves me and says that its my brown skin which caught his eye.


I love my brown skin. Makes me feel unbelievably beautiful n sexy.

Thanks for the post.

DewdropDream said...

It took your post to make me realise just how much I adore brown skin! You could turn that into a song like Kokonad there says :)

Tamanna Mishra said...

this was sheer imagery.. totally loved it!