Thursday, November 5, 2009

ricky don't lose that number

Last night i spoke to you

On a long distance call

Across telephone wires that don’t exist anymore

And you sounded

Sleepy and stoned

And like you had sung a lot

And i remembered

A morning by the beach

You turning to talk to me

And your brown eyes

For the first time those brown eyes

Without glasses to cover them

Unguarded. Unkept.

Brown eyes that made me feel sleepy and stoned

And like i had sung a lot

My breath stays suspended

And if there is a moment

When you know

That you are falling, free falling, drowning, plunging

Without a safety cord

Without a security blanket

Without a thought

Without a moment of hesitation

Then it was that moment

I fell in love with you

It’s been some time now.

But every time I hear you sound like that

I hold it close to me

Like warm popcorn in a dark movie hall.

I don’t believe in the future

Because i can’t see it

But i believe that your voice

Will always do this to me.

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title credit @ steely dan


Roy said...

tom waits - closing time

Pinku said...


saying anything else would be out of place

The Cloudcutter said...

Replace "voice" with "writing" and then dedicate this to yourself from me.
You kill me, you know that? Murderess!

Parul said...

Brilliant, really.

Meghana Naidu said...

a few days back
id have gushed
with all the emotions coiled up inside me and said
i love you
for writing this

but not today

Shanu said...

Wow...loved it :)

oRange* said...

that just makes me go ..awwhh :)

Eveline said...

I adored this post! Twas just lovely!
With love and affection. (And the voices say, "Hey".) - Eve

Atrisa said...

Puts the smile right where it belongs :)