Thursday, November 5, 2009

it's been a hard day's night

I had a crazy day. On last count, 67 calls and 21 msgs.

Bloody hell, I thought my phone would explode, or then my head would. The broker, the landlady, the internet guy, the man Friday, client 1, friend who fell off auto, dentist, grand mom, client 2, broker, mom, client 3, dentist, another friend, internet guy, landlady, client 1 – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

At one point I seriously thought about flinging my phone out of the auto. And then when I figured I couldn’t do it, I burst into tears and called my friend and partner. Who immediately called my other friend and partner.

So partner 1 (girl) consulted with partner 2(guy). And then realising what a shit day I’ve been having, and all the running around I’ve been doing, partner 1 dragged me off to get new nail paint before a meeting.

New nail paint? Are you crazy? I grumbled all the way.

The nail paint came on. It looked nice. I stopped grumbling. And felt a little better.

And then, the meeting went fabulously. That could be because I spent more time admiring my feet, than talking. We sealed the deal on some money. And I ended the day feeling far from shit.

So then it proves my theory that:

a. a. I’m a cheap date.

b. b.Sometimes nice nail polish is all it takes.

c. c. My partners are way wiser than me


Divya said...
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Divya said...

Getting delighted by the small things in life are what make it worthwhile at all, anyway. Pretty pic.

By the by, I went through a spate of naming my posts after Beatles songs, for some reason,without even realising it. They have said pretty much everything so brilliantly, haven't they? :)

I'm spending too much time online methinks. Getting to know of blog updates immediately and commenting straight away :P

Nu said...

That's life :) We tend to ignore and forget the happiness we could get from little things in life...this mad rush of work and all has taken it out of us :( But people like your partners are wise enough to take you back to that happiness and remind you that little things carry lot of power to stabilize our inner turmoil !!

Mohan said...

life is full of randomness.. all it matters is the presence of mind and a thoughtful act to make everything come your way :)

If you aren't aware.. read about 90/10 principle... it is sweet and worth applying everytime!

Pinku said...

nice nail have made me want one also.

lovely partners....I think I want to join you guys, any vacancies??

Anonymous said...

And the bowl has the marbles you lost before getting the nail paint? :-P


Perakath said...

Hey we have the same little toes!

agent green glass said...

@post deleted: darn. i tried to snoop to check who you are. but apart from the fact that you were checking on pipes (why pipes???) before you came to my page, there's nothing i could track. damn. i hate an unsolved mystery.

@divya: lol. is it the exams that are keeping you up so late? oh, i so agree with the beatles thing. for a bunch of seemingly simple lyrics, they span a lot of deep shit.

@nu: agree. simple stuff is what makes the world go round. i like the way you wrote about it. am mailing it to my partners : )

@mohan: 90/10 is brilliant. yoga teaches you the same stuff. and tho i love hearing about it, and even preaching it, find it very difficult to practise. but then again, awareness is everything.

@pinku: lots of vacancies. no money : ) but you can be our cal branch!

@hyde: HA. you caught me. : )))i was trying to do a tarkovsky type symbolic coding shit.

@perakath/AGG: first, the same grand mom. second, the same little toes.

The knife said...

a nice chocolat sundae works as well for me

Shrinivas said...

firstly, the pic is really nice :) secondly, u are making me jealous!!!!! i wish i could run around working like you 24x7 in just d same way as portrayed in novels... damn.. need to get lessons from u now ;) :p keep cool n dont overload urself!

Anita :) said...

Little things often makes the mind wander off from stress and frustration..! True to the core... Like a good nailpolish, a new haircut, smell of the new deodorant...