Wednesday, November 18, 2009


half a day
spent with my parents
in a strange city

i watch them get dressed
i say goodbye to them in 20 mins

leaving them alone
to think of me
to miss me
i know
that's all they'll think of

they have no idea i know.

they think i'm working

but i'm thinking
however difficult your relationship with your parents
it is so difficult to say good bye

i will try
not to cry
but it breaks my heart
to say goodbye

i said this before
and i say this again
can't live with them
can't live without them



Atrisa said...

Aww. Just aww.

You get super emotional when talking about your family. I know how it feels :|

Eveline said...

Sometimes your posts really hit home for me and this is one of them. Thanks for that!

agent green glass said...

@atrisa: thanks for saying the last line.

@eve: i was wondering, do a lot of people feel this way about their relationship with their folks. or am i the freak? or do we all feel racked with love. dislike. guilt. and everything in between.

Meghana Naidu said...

you know ive always lived at home and inspite of that i know what you mean.

distance rarely has to do with its physical parameters

the last lines.
damn right.

The knife said...

this is so true ... specially the last 2 lines

Anita :) said...

Painfully true :(

- Sugar Cube - said...

Can't live with them..can't live w/o them :(

Kinda on the same bridge.Feels terrible.

Dr. Rupa Shah said...

My parents are getting older.I don't live with them.Whenever I meet them, they have a big smile on their face on seeing me! They feel sooo happy seeing me...but I am so happy seeing their happy smiling faces! Somehwere in my heart, I miss a beat when I know time is precious! I don't miss any opportunity to be with them! Tears of Happiness!

The Cloudcutter said...

I feel you. Now, after everything that's happened in my life, I know that I cannot live without them. The day my parents are gone will be my last day too.

Divya said...

Can't live with them can't live without them sums it up pretty well :)

Ashley said...

Lovely post. So many emotions have been hinted at.
And yes. Just like everyone before me have commented...I can identify with the last lines so well...