Tuesday, December 1, 2009

some stoop. some fall.

How is Milind Soman still so hot?

*sigh. Dreamy sigh*

By the way, did anyone read the nationwide survey on women’s preferences on male facial hair?

It made front page news on the Times Of India. The Newspaper of India. Those magnificent people who gave us Lead India and Teach India.

Well, the front page article went on to state how women in India prefer clean shaven men, by a huge number. No smooches for mooches. The most we’d like is neat stubble.

Now, I was wondering why it made front page news. I mean it is a bit strange isn’t it. Then I thought maybe this year they’re doing Beard India.

But it turns out that they are much more devious than that. Because a day later the front page of the Mumbai Times carries a huge promotional bit on the launch of a new Gillette Razor. And two wannabe actress types are going around convincing men to shave because women like them chikna.

Aah. The penny drops.

The Times Of India is doing what they do best.

Selling out.

Anyway, that apart, this post took me the longest time to type. I fell off the bed and twisted my arm. And typing with the left arm is still okay. Try scooping a fried egg with it.

Some sympathy would be nice though.


Kokonad said...

I agree. Lots of crappy news often makes the headlines! :( And I think Times sold out a long long time back. Late 90s, I would say!
Ow about your arm! I hope you get better soon!

Shamanth Huddar said...

Oh and how the penny drops!

sad sad sad!

selling out! truly!

as for the arm, how's trying to put on a glove on your left hand sound to your right arm :)

get well soon :)

P.S. - in case you haven't yet, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn all the keyboard shortcuts :)

Saltwater Blues said...

But tell us your preference AGG - chikna or dadiwalla?

agent green glass said...

@kokonad: u're right. they're just bad habit. i really don't know why I don't change my paper. amusement is one thing, some decent news would be better. thanks...the arm is already way better.

@shamanth: oh. the only thing that sounds good to my right arm is a glass of rum and coke in my left arm! : ) and the keyboard shortcuts is a super cool idea. tho i'm heading the ambidextrous way i think.

@SwB: no smooches for mooches! ever.

As the Mind Meanders said...


You are a super talent... I don't know many grown ups who can manage to fall of beds... In fact now I know of only one :D

agent green glass said...

@ATMM: oh. there you are. was wondering how to get thru to you. your blog is by invite only. so what wld it take to get an invite?
and how cld you have shut down. and left so many of your female fans down ; ) ha ha. i know about your fan following ATMM!

Divya said...


Milind Soman is so hot :D Since I was a kid who used to ogle at the hotness of Captain Vyom, I've thought so :D

Also, agreed, no mooches. I'm a sucker for french beard though :D

The Cloudcutter said...

Take care of the hand. Get Milo to help out.
And you just realised TOI is selling out? How long have you been sleeping my dear? I've known since 1996!
Btw I finally watched Wake Up Shit (downloaded on my laptop) and I think you were too nice in your review. The no kissing was the least of the problems... That movie is so fuckin' brain dead in every respect. I felt like slapping Konkona more than anyone else!
Arrey, we should have watched it together and yelled out abuses while taking a swig every time someone said "Sid"!!!!
Get well soon... HUGS

oRange* said...

i disagreed with that article. stubbles look sexy ;)

awh, get well soon!

agent green glass said...

divya: i agree. mooches are out. unless they're really cool and ur a mexican druglord.stubbles are sexy if ur not a dirty mawali type. french beards, goatees... all good, except if you're a puny guy trying hard to look cool.

uuf...very fussy, as you can see.

@cloudcutter: oh yes, i knew that. but such blatant stuff. disgusting. at least they can keep a façade of newsworthy respectable paper going.

wake up sid - why? why? Why cloudcutter? have you no faith in me? : )

i'm well and waving my arm around. come to bandra, lets meet.

@orange: thank you. was just at ur blog. which btw is absolutely fantastically entertaining.

i agree with you about the stubble. see comment to divya for more.

The Cloudcutter said...

I have immense faith in you my love, but I just felt like torturing myself late at night. But at least I didn't spend any money on it na?
Don't wave that arm just yet, it might fall off! Rest it and I'll come soon, not to worry.

Perakath said...

May I kiss it and make it better?

I'm just growing some chin fuzz myself, after the longest time. Now I just need to wear a black heavy metal tee shirt and a sling bag to work.

agent green glass said...

@cloudcutter: k. stopped waving. thinking foot massage might cure the hand : )

@perakath: is this like an english thing...may I kiss it and make it better. no, you can however send a cheque of Rs.1 lakh in the post, and the hand will feel way better.

and add some kohl to your eyes, and maybe a nose ring. oooh...hot lawyer!

The knife said...

AGG: fractured my toe after trying to emulate mithunda in the shower today. Would not want to trade with your bad arm. So foot massage for you and back rub for me. I saw a new Thai spa beside Aroma Thai while going to the orhto today. Hope you get well soon. There is apparently a Goan food orgy called the Christmas Fair at Bandra Gym on 18th, 19th. I'll try to find out more. So guess we have to do a Rocky IV act and get ready for the big day. Making plans with the Celeb Bandra gang. Don't be at the wrong place this time

agent green glass said...

@the knife: damn. that is painful. and...you are hobbling around? why? milk it! don't go to work.
must check out new spa. so has juice closed or what?
and thanks for the tip off. i was there last year. and will be there this year too. oh...celeb bandra gang eh? maybe i'll join you guys
:)pigging out with the bongs. aah!

Roy said...

bongs hanging out together is never good for the economy!

The knife said...

Of course I am milking it :) Hobbling around the house. Dunno about Juice. In fact there is a new Juice in the lane beside Danai. That's where I went to meet my ortho yesterday morning. Don't know if the Pali Hill one is shut. Hope your arm is better. And yes, you guys MUST join us this time

Pinku said...

Was about to sympathise....


then saw knife's comment, read up on your plans...and now I am the one who is in need of some sympathy. :(

But I will be magnanimous and saw Get Well Soon.

DewdropDream said...

Milind Soman ... droooooooooooooooool! :D

Hope you recover soon!

Ashley said...

Haha..Some good observation skills that!

And Awwww....My sympathies are with you gal...I am ambidextrous...One hands a lil rusty that the other...But still works...Now why am I telling you that? Just felt like...;)

Anita :) said...

I dont like men without moustache..! They look like women...! By the way this one occupying a front page would have made people think that this is the single biggest issue being faced by Indian women.. wow.. good luck, TOI

ani_aset said...

awwwie hows ur hand now? dont have to make so much effort to write a post.. we can wait :)