Friday, December 4, 2009

what ya?

I learnt to jive.

I had Richie Valen and Shakin Stevens in a loop on my Ipod.

I could twist, turn, shake and sing along.

And I hoped that I’d get invited to lots of Christmas parties.

It’s the 4th of December. And I have nada.

Will someone please please invite me? I promise not to drink up all the booze or the punch or whatever it is you serve.

And will not eat more than one helping. Even if there’s cake soaked in rum.

And I will dance. To La Bamba, This Ole House, Peggy Sue, Jailhouse Rock, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Do you Love Me, Summertime Blues...

Just invite me okay. If it helps I can even get my own bottle of rum.

just figured that someone landed on my page while searching for bhabhi ji. sure, this is what i always wanted. be the landing ground for pimply pervs.


Divya said...

I get hits from searches for "getting it into very small holes" it seems. Oh joy.

Ashley said...

LOL...Had just read your previous post some minutes back..Sure looks like your hand has healed...

And who could not invite you after this post...You most definitely are on my list now! :)

GreyGrasshopper said...

i like... i very very likes... the photo

The Cloudcutter said...

If you get invited to any parties, you're taking me along!

The knife said...

Ask your people to call mine.

Used to have a tradition while growing up in Cal. It would be pulao and chicken curry on Christmas and lunch out at NY. Or vice versa

Time to celebrate boro din at Bombay. C C can supply the cake. What say?

agent green glass said...

the knife: i think it's a great idea. bodo din. A volunteers to make some pork. i volunteer to eat a lot.

CC what do you say?

the knife, lets seal the deal. coz i don't think any catholics are inviting me to partake of their feast. : (

agent green glass said...

@divya: ha ha. i once got someone who was searching for pipes!!! all pervs i tell ya.

@ashley: yup, the bandage is off. thank you. pls pls invite me. omg...ashley...ashley...the name which means christmas lunch...invite me!

@the greygrasshopper: yeah, must be the camera and not the photographer!

@the cloucutter: bloody goan catholic...and you're asking me to take you along for parties. you should be throwing a few.

Eveline said...

If i was throwing a party I'd definitely be inviting you. Unfortunately I avoid responsibility whenever I can. I'll take the laziness where I can get it. All in all...not very exciting.
I'm always amused - and quite often frightened - at the crazy shit people search for that brings them, somehow, to my humble abode. :(

The Cloudcutter said...

@AGG - Hahaha... that was good as long as it lasted. Damn!
As Knife said, our people should speak. (Actually I will just call Milo and make the arrangements. You are useless!)

@Knife - Cakes are being soaked in rum as we speak :-) I can throw in some kickass roast pork also if you guys want (of course you do!).

Anita :) said...

You're invited to my house..! :D Such a casual, rocking writing..! Feels like you are actually saying this to me...!

The knife said...

Cloud cutter: roast pork, rum, rum and cake... I do

AGG: I was thinking more of a Bengali pulao and chicken curry but why by ghettoish? K makes a a very nice pork and potato curry...done

agent green glass said...

@cloudcutter: ha ha ha. milo? he's flat on his back, with his legs in the air, snoring softly.

@anita: thank you. i have never received a nicer invite. i mean it. mwaaaah!

@the knife: yeaahahhah! such joy.
so this is the 25th. what shd i get?
lemme know what to cook, or i can get the alcohol or watever. you're in charge.
i'll also get the music for sure!

The knife said...

fantastic AGG...planning a party is just the thing to cheer me up, 25th or 24th eve? We don't have a music system though and normally depend on my neighbour for listening to the opera every morning...might even book sorpatels from candies and prawn puffs from Amex. We used to have a Christmas party at home ever since i remember till I left calcutta

agent green glass said...

i'm soooo excited.
i'll get the music system. i'll even convince a to get his guitar and amp.
we are making snacks. mutton chops, deem er devil...and lemme think what else...

agent green glass said...

oh. i'll help with the decorations as well.

The knife said...

mutton chop, dimer devil ages since someone whispered such sweet nothings to me.

Wondering whether I shd ditch the vindaloo plans and make kosha mangsho instead

I live in a Mac building so not having music or the guitar would be weird. I think 25th would be good as its a holiday.

The knife said...

Talking of decorations we had a Father Christmas for ages from the Canterbury Cathedral.

I remember there was a yr where the Satesman Children's page wrote about how to make a Christmas tree from scrap. We had just moved into my grandparents. Got a broken branch from her garden and decorated it with paper cuttings.

That was in the 6th standard. We took it with us when we shifted and used it for 3,4 yrs after that

agent green glass said...

25th is super. we can make it a drunken day. lemme know what you cooking, so we can plan what we're cooking.
shall talk on the 16th or so then, to confirm number of people etc. and wat we're drinking. very important.
a has agreed to get guitar and amp. yeaaaah!we have live music.

The knife said...

'drunken day' sounds like an Oil of Olay moment for me. Yay.

Now let me break this to the little woman who is not always on the Blogosphere

Anonymous said...

what men you'll are having a party and not going to Bandra Gym for the dance.AGG if you want to show off what u learnt at those dancing classes the gym is where you shuld be at.

Anonymous said...

bhabhi ji :O

agent green glass said...

@BB: oh what a great idea. think i'll do that. crash the bandra gym christmas party.

@ki: yeah, bhabiji. really, shaking my head.

ani_aset said...

heyyy hi5 u can jive now...awesome :)
the snap was for belly dance though isn it ;)

agent green glass said...

@ani: yup. you got it. that's for the bellydance.