Saturday, June 20, 2009

There’s big easy on the menu

time 'codding to me, that's attacking the food

first course - souped up bikes

Much inspired by the knife@, I carried my camera to the new Cafe Goa. There seems to be a sudden spurt in Goa eateries around Bandra. The other day I tried some Goan sausages and pao from the place near Khar station. And it was pretty decent. Almost as good as A. Almost being the operative word!

Anyway back to Cafe Goa. It’s opened where Trafalgar Chowk used to be. I liked it for the nice-and-easy feeling. It’s chilled out, the furniture is polished old looking wood, the music is from my time (they just stopped short of playing Do-the-locomotion) and the owners have a pleasant vibe.

Actually since we’re talking about the owners. There is the Voice and the Mac Boy. The Voice does professional voice over’s and talks like the red light’s just come on outside the studio door. But he’s pleasant, even on the eye! Yeah, all the girls that night were a bit pop eyed when he was talking to them, and it wasn’t just the beer.

The Mac Boy is a typical Bandra Boy. We were standing outside staring at some super souped up bikes, when he started chatting with us. Apparently, he used to customise bikes as a hobby. Now he runs an event company, and Cafe Goa.

And oh ya, the food.

We ordered chicken wings. The chicken eaters declared they were good. The vegetarians gave the cheese poppers and the Panjim Potatoes (rather obscene name what) a thumbs up. I tried the Panjim Potatoes myself, and boy they were good, cooked in their own jackets, warm and a happy carb high.

But the piece de resistance was the deep sea cod. It was done to perfection, not too masalaed, and crunchy from the top, fleshy from the inside. And yes, you could taste the deep sea in it.

So maybe, the thing to do in Cafe Goa is try the sea food. They did try selling us the crabs, but no one was in the mood. Though I suspect, the food here is incidental. It’s a place to chill, munch some, drink some and laugh a lot.

And yeah, the first time we wound up from Cafe Goa, we ended up ringing people’s doorbells and running for our lives. (yeah Mentalie!) Which I haven’t done since I was five. Maybe that’s why I’ll go back to CG.

I like feeling young again!

Cafe Goa is at Agnelo Bldg, Off St John Baptist Road, Bandra West. If that sounds like Greek, go straight past Salt Water Cafe at reclamation. Do not take the right at the Barista, go straight. And then after about ten yards ask someone where is John Baptist Road, and sort of walk about till you find Cafe Goa. Or better still call them at 26404115, 26459151, and they’ll explain it to you. And I don’t remember how much it costs. When you call them for directions, just ask them the prices too. And...they do home delivery.


Oddball friend of skeletor said...

sounds good.
just last night i went to a goan place myself.. i guess the only goan place around here.. but cant say the menu seemed as good there.
and the owners seemed as dead as the place itself if not more.. hmmn.. sad.
its cheaper to go to goa it self these days than to eat an authentic meal here. *books tickets *

The knife said...

thank you, thank you and again you've given me an insight which I had skipped.
I have a one track mind when it comes to Goan food - piggies and more piggies - so life begins with sopatel and Goan sausages. I think you meant Simply Goa near Khar station. They are good.
I was disappointed by Cafe Goa. I didn't have the stuff you ordered and the Goan sausage and the sorpatel were a let down. As was the AC. I was quite hot under the collar.
I'd signed off my post onn Cafe Goa asking folks to write in if they had a better experience. And you did :0

As the Mind Meanders said...

The best Goan food I have ever eaten was in Goa... at a friends place... in a small village... on a 10 day vacation... for a wedding... and spiced with two love stories...

mentalie said...

i have a suggestion for cafe goa. i think they should put The Voice on the menu ;p

Kokonad said...

Ah so these form the leading cause of Mentalie's post! :)
We don't have such places here in the US... sigh. I miss the ones I used to frequent in India. Whether it is Murugan's idli shop in Chennai or the lari waalas in Baroda.
Nice post, AGG!

slash\\ said...

Sausage and pao would be called a hot dog in most places. Here it sounds a yummy fusion of the vada pav and Goan sausage! Your post caused burns to a fellow blogger - that's a first.
@Kokonad - Lari waalas of Baroda - boy did that make me nostalgic. Finally a blogger who knows my origin city.