Wednesday, June 10, 2009

in concert - the moody blues


That’s what i feel like. The heat, the taxis that feel like gas chambers, the commute, the race in the mornings, the rat race, the weekends that fly by, the clouds that just gather, but don’t empty themselves, the tears that well up in my eyes over the smallest things, the impending house move, the knowing that i’ll have to leave this house, the packing, the MIA carpenter, the not knowing what the kitchen tiles will look like, the car that needs to go to the garage, the garage that refuses to answer calls, the silly fights with A, the stomach that feels bloated, the jeans that feel tight.

The PMS that refuses to end. 


As the Mind Meanders said...

I will not take the risk of commenting on this blog post. Although you don't know me...I still fear for my life.

mentalie said...

...and like PMS this too shall pass, agent. the jeans will fit, the house will too and never mind about the car because you can always go biking instead ;p

doingmything said...

If it's any consolation, I'm right there with you. The jeans are tight, the tummy bloated, the kids annoying , life's a drag and I just wish this damn PMS would end !!
And yes, this too shall pass!

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


it will pass for some better good :)

good luck for the move :)

This is that said...

Oh no ! One of those days !

disappearslikesmoke said...

when we meet next, i'll sing you a happy song to ease your worries like that old fav bridge over troubled water, wat say? :)

slash\\ said...

Just one of those days I guess. On a completely unrelated note, SwB is now by invite only? Really? Too bad. I don't have his contact. Do you?

agent green glass said...

@blog gore: : ) you made me laugh, even while i wanted to grit my teeth and bite someone's head off.

@mentalie: yoooo hooo. it is you. finally. i went to your blog. but i've been so screwed at work, so time to stop and comment. will be be back there this eve.

@doingmything: i hope you're doing better. i just ate a lot, till i felt fat and full and happy.

@daydreamer: thank you. not moving for another ten days. i hope.

@this is that: ya. many of those days!

@disappearslikesmoke: where is my song? where is my song?

@slash: hey just checked SwB. it's open. i could get through. check again. maybe your internet connection is playing up.

Nupur said...

Just of those many days, ya ? Well, i think this all happens every now and then and sometime when its too much on us we actually realize that its a bad hair day !!

Hope alls well now :) if not all at least something ?