Saturday, June 13, 2009

an overdue review - for the knife

i've been raving about salt water grill cafe at reclamation. and promising pictures. so here goes.

appetiser: chicken liver pate, with apples and melba chutney. Cold, refresing and suprising because who would have guessed apples taste so good with pate. they take the edge of the saltiness and add a zing to it.

straight to the main course: pan seared kingfish in lemon butter. excellent. the kingfish is just a little toasty on top. i think it's got a sprinkling of dry pesto on top, not sure. but it makes it just a little crunchy while the bottom is soft, tender and yet moist. the sauce is delicate.

mains again: This is pasta with chicken and organce rind. not too creamy, which i totally hate. and it's just a touch sweet, which mixes pretty well with the cheese. however, like most pastas in a sauce, this is heavy, specially after you've dug in to the appetisers.

and there was tiramisu for dessert. which was excellent too. almost as good as sante. they use mascapone cheese which is the true blue thing for a tiramisu lover like me. sorry, gobbled it up so fast, there was no time for a picture.

Just in case: Salt water grill cafe is opposite the barista at reclamation, bandra. the numbers are 26434441, 37210520. a meal for two that included all this and two kingfisher pints was about one thousand, three hundred bucks. and no, they are not paying me for this!


Nupur said...

Ha Ha Ha.. "just in case" point really funny !

The photos really are Slurpy !!! Well, need to check it out for sure as per your description. Hey and you didn't post 'desert' pic ??

Nice Time Pass post :)

Saltwater Blues said...

They gotta pay me royalties for using the name!

The knife said...

really honoured. never knew what happened once they cooked stuff. Now am straining to go.

And yes sandals, dreary meetings, cold hotel conference rooms... a recipe for disaster