Wednesday, April 1, 2009

no, no I am not your aunty!

My morning newspaper is always so full of good news.


Apart from the fact that they’re trying to blow up more hotels, and more people are randomly shooting themselves and their families, there is another little nugget tucked away in the ninth page.


Apparently those marvellous men they call scientists have come to the conclusion that if you slog your ass off and diet, and lose 5 kgs in the bargain, you are actually adding 4 years to your appearance.


Thanks a lot. So now what? Should I just die young and fat. Or should I be slim and haggard.


Aaargh. Is there no justice in the world? Can’t they just focus their energies on making spoons fly. Or growing sheep in bottles.


Anyway, while I marvel at how complicated a woman’s life has become, I also read that the EC has barred Sanjay Dutt from contesting the elections.


Yeah! Pass me the double fried eggs with the toasts I say. At least someone has sense in this country.


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goldfluke said...

on days like this when all the super dumb infidels who work with me in my office let me down one after the other in some form of war against efficiency and intelligence, i read your files and smile... thank you agent gg