Sunday, April 19, 2009

from b to d

I would officially like to thank the people at la senza.

They have given me a cleavage.

At 600 bucks a pop, their deep cleavage enhancing bras deliver the goods. And how.

I can actually see a deep place between my boobs. I don’t know how those bras work. Whether they push, pull, heave or even magically create an optical illusion, but let’s give just them a big hand.

La, la, la senza.


doingmything said...

I second la la Senza!

Monami said...

how did u get blogger to giv this comment page pls?

Divya said...

What are you saying?? Ive been trying to create an illusion of cleavage for years now! Its odd how one can be very generously endowed and still have the kalahari desert in the middle there of those things :|

Next Stop, La senza!