Sunday, April 19, 2009

nothing a rain shower can't solve

what can i say?

that i feel guilty when i take a shower? specially one that lasts longer than it strictly should?

why? because i hate how irresponsible it is. i know bathing with a bucket is better, because you save so much water. i also know that mumbai is going to face a water shortage this summer. and that my folks have already started having water problems in delhi.

but then, when i stand under the shower. and the water hits me. and it slowly starts to drench me. and then it starts to roll down my shoulders. and i can feel it stinging, slapping, drenching. my brown skin, with millions of bubbles rolling over it. 

and slowly my head empties. there's nothing but me, and my physical self, and the water. and like the olay line, i love the skin i'm in. 

which is what makes the shower so hard to give up. i feel guilty. but its hard to give up five minutes of being deliriously happy to be me.

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