Wednesday, July 28, 2010

you got me singing

To my big bum,

Apologies. For years I hated you. You reminded me of nimmi masi, baby masi, jojo aunty. Nimkis and nankhatais for tea.

Florid salwaar kameezs. Shopping for lizzy bizzy material at elko market in the hot summer.

You also reminded me of uncles. Called Bobby and Jolly. And cousins called Sonu and Monu.

I was always worried. You would give away my genes. My love for yellow daal. Palak mutton. Methi alu. And parathas with amul butter.

I know I probably hurt you by deliberately wearing stuff that concealed you.

And loudly proclaiming that my dream was to be like those boys whose jeans hung off their backsides.

But now, that’ll never happen again.

Yes, THE dress opened my eyes.

So please forgive me.

Yours thrilled to bits with you,


picture @ deviantart


scratchpost said...

hee. you almost sound sindhi. i would have never guessed. i would've thought tamil. i don't even know why it matters. perhaps because i too have nankhatais for tea and have cousins named sonu and monu (in delhi). so which is it? punjabi?

Spaz Kumari said...

you absolutely do not at all have anything remotely resembling a big butt!!

at the risk of sounding creepy, i will say that what is there is rather nice.

sorry! :)

Nandy said...

i do hope u stay thrilled.. cos i feel this way abt mine 3 days a wk, and the other 4 i'm lik, ARGGGGHHH wit it..

Spin said...

Agent G, I spent two nights straight reading your archives back to 2008. You're a stud, man. Studs are allowed big butts.

Small Miracle said...

A. you are skinny hence u have a skinny butt
B. You are crazy
C. Scratch that... you are stark ravin mad!! :)

Tamanna said...

Funny women! :P

And why can't I find dresses that will make me love my butt and dole shole waale arms. Dang! I am just fat. I will go sit in a corner and cry :P

agent green glass said...

@scratchpost: nankhatais for tea. yum..and methi ke matthis. i forgot that.
i have uncles, twins, who are called tony and bobby. and yep, punjabi it is. what made you think tamil?

@spaz kumari: hello spaz. i do, i do. i was wearing concealer jeans when we met....low and black...

@nandy: ha ha. that's more like me.

@spin: thank you. thank you :))))

@small miracle: you got it all wrong. a) i'm not skinny. b) i don't have a skinny butt. c) i wish i had all of the above. wat fun to be able to fit into any pair of jeans. sighhhh.

@tammana: that's coz most dresses are made for stick figure firang women. blesssh. i spent two months hunting for a dress that made me happy. impossible shit lies around in shops.

Maria Mcclain said...

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Pinku said...

AGG stop being mean and put up a pic of this dress will you....many women across the globe will thank u for it...

by the way from the pics i remember of you from when u did that seven day, seven dress thingie I cant remember a big butt at all.