Friday, July 30, 2010

bloody fool

I cut my hair. Snipped the length and the curls out.

And realised two things. I feel compelled to be cool at the salon. I also feel compelled to be cool at the doctor/dentist/tattoo parlour. Anything that involves pain or doubt or scares me, I behave strangely masochistic.

Dentist: “ I’m gonna need to extract two teeth.”

Me (tonsils shivering): “ha, ha, extract four.”

Doctor: “You will now be wheeled into the OT”

Me (head spinning): “ Sure. No worries, just knock me out cold.”

Hairperson (should it be barber/hairsylist/hair dresser/hair manager): I’m going to cut about 5 inches off.

Me (cold, nervous palpitations): Yeah, yeah, just chop it all off.

And so on and so forth. As you probably realise this leads to alarming consequences. Like I’ve been visiting the dentist for over three years regularly. And he’s probably changed all my teeth, and I don’t know, because I’m in a spell.

So my haircut is also a result of this moronic behaviour. It’s the worst length ever. Just about covering my neck with a few stray curls at the bottom. Sort of like those male Kathak dancers.

I hate it.

PS: if you are a male Kathak dancer who’s reading my blog, well, big cherry hello, how are you and that sort of thing.


Shreya said...

but you ARE cool already :]

Small Miracle said...

foto update on FB..pronto!!!

Anita :) said...

hahaha...just the right time when Im thinkin abt chopping off mine... :) And LOL on the kathak dancer part.. :D

DJ PYROO said...

lol i see u out there doe lolo

Atrisa said...

Teehee! I know what you mean :P

Hyde said...

The title reminds me of that Shah Rukh-Anupam Kher song "o daddy cool cool cool, mera beta fool fool fool".

Dunno why :-)

Arslan said...

Lol! and then some! :)

Pinku said...

hey AGG cheer up, the good thing is, its just will grow again...unlike the teeth for example.

and stay happy with the thought that u are not the only one to feel compelled to say yes at these venues, many of us do.