Friday, July 9, 2010

even i'm beginning to think i'm obsessed with underwear

No no no.

You cannot wear pillow cover like chaddis under your track pants.

You have red nail polish, a size zero figure, the Swarovski encrusted cellphone, bling blanging off your bangs, and then you turn around. And what do I see?

Stuffed chaddi in bebe syndrome.

It makes your ass look like two parts. saggy bottom, and stuffed bottom.

And then there’s my yoga teacher.

A contortionist.

Who also wears tight cream coloured pants with a chaddi that could be turned into a lifeboat for six, in case of flash floods.

I tried telling her about going Hilton. She almost choked on her Shirshasan.

Then I told her about thongs, and she told me never to wear them when I exercise because its heat producing.

Heat producing? Heat producing?????

Don’t know about you, but Greenpeace be damned.

I’d embrace global warming over meters of chaddi.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I remember reading in your blog a really long time back, about a certain female from your ex workplace who had yards of cotton chaddi sticking out from under her low waist jeans or something … The mental image had made me smile for days. Need I say that you’ve made my month for me with this post? :D
Ahhh… The joys of being able to… ermmm… notice... :)

Eveline said...

I say grandma whities are the work of the devil.

I prefer the hipster style of underwear (I never call them panties... they're always 'underwear'... because I will never wear a size that is worthy of being called 'panties'...) because they fall below the belly button but yet keep my crochital area covered, as well as my rear-end. I hate underwear that comes up to my boobs or crawls up my ass.

And that, my friend, is more than you wanted to know about my underwear preferences. I can't believe I just posted that on the internet.

The knife said...

my high in life is owning enough pairs to not have to wash them if I am travelling...I came from the 80s. Our dreams were small