Friday, July 2, 2010

mourning the metal mouth

two years, two and a half months.

and this evening they were yanked, cut and tugged out of my mouth.

i couldn't stop grinning.

now...i'm missing them.

the braces made me look odd.

and i miss that.

and now i'm worried when i wake up in the morning, boing, my teeth will all be out and crooked again.

really, doing campaigns for stress pills is clearly working wonders for me.


Sangfroid said...

Keep Smiling!!! :)

Eveline said...

Oh man. That's unfortunately hilarious.
Congrats on the removal and good luck with the getting used to.

ani_aset said...

time for a big smile AGG :D

Sonia said...

Do keep wearing your retainer at night religiously! Dont you think more people ask you - there is something different abt you - when you get new braces and no one kinda says anything when you take them off?

agent green glass said...

@sonia: hey. thanks for dropping by. and commenting. yeah....nobody seems to notice they're off. i had to make a huge song and dance about it.

Calandra Janocha said...

I can imagine how much freedom you felt when your braces were removed. It will take a long time before your teeth start moving. It's definitely more fun to smile when you know you have flawless pearly whites.