Friday, May 28, 2010

hoochie coochie man

I lucked out.

He plays the guitar,

Has a voice that can melt your knees,

And is now turning into a kitchen hero!

Say hello to the talented Mr a!


Divya said...

And look, he's ever so pwetty :P

The Cloudcutter said...

Hello Mr A!! Nice to see you again.

Oye AGG, is this the ham pasta meal with my name written on it? Did you eat it all up before me? Huh? Huh?

And quickly put kaala teeka on the lovely boy. Please!

agent green glass said...

@divya: yeah, he is pweety!

@CC: oye. heh heh. it is the same one. see, the cherry tomatoes spell ur name out!
this one was prawn n bacon. urs is burnt tomato n ham, which i shall make with my very own dainty hands.
yeah, have put the evil eye locket on him. see zee teleshopping network for the wonderous properties of evil eye locket!

Meghana Naidu said...

you deed you deed! totally lucked out.

all of that 'look so yummy'

PS: i dont know whats more disturbing, your reference to the evil eye locket or my getting it

moonlite:D said...

ooh!! the dishes look so yummy!! :D

obv lucked out :)

Prateek Sur said...

y choochi??it obv means boobs, so wats the conection??

Eveline said...

I'm very glad to see your boy is a meat fan. Or maybe you are! If so, you have just made culinary leaps and bounds. I am very proud of you.

A chef *and* an entertainer. My hat is off to you, ma'am!

agent green glass said...

@meghana: oh...tell me you've seen that home shopping ad too. the one where the woman looks at another woman's necklace with envious eyes. and then rays of light come out of her eyes, and bounce off the evil eye pendant on the golden chick, and are diverted back to the evil woman. lovely.

@moonlight: yep. totally did.

@prateek: try google. you shall arrive at some wonderful music. does choochie really mean boobs? in which language?

@eve: oh yes. meat is much liked. actually food is much loved. and thank you.

mentalie said...

oooh. i miss your house, and your kitchen, and all the stuff that gets cooked up there and you. am coming to mumbai on wednesday. yay!

The knife said...

hey we share the same plates...Banu broke one so have only one left ... happy eating... a man who cooks and serenades sounds like a good catch :)

Flickering Cursor said...

Whoa. And maggi doesn't feature in any of the pics. ***must not let the wife see this post***.

Sangfroid said...

That food is tempting.
The wig is a mismatch though :)

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