Wednesday, May 5, 2010

curses, foiled again!


Just when i had finally conquered my fear of water.

Just when I did not punch the instructor, or freak out and grab the rail till my knuckles turned white.

Just when I learnt to float, paddle, breath, bubble.

Just then bloody aunty in my panty arrives.

I’m so irritated. My period really has no sense of timing.

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Atrisa said...

Omg the exact reason why I haven't joined swimming this month. A one week waste of money :|

Spaz Kumari said...


been there, done that, and all great Neptune's ocean (so to speak) did not turn bloody.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Tampons, yes.

Violent slasher movies do wonders for PMS, since we're on the topic.

P.S. De-lurking.

As the Mind Meanders said...

Calm down gadadhaari Bheem... Shaant...

And dont listen to them... Tampons... and swimming... not unless you wanna share some horror stories with us...

You aint gonna unlearn everything in a few days... chill..

Anonymous said...

Landed on your blog by chance and love your writing. Swimming goes well with tampons and even if u don't wear it the water pressure in the swimming pool is greater than the pressure of the blood that wants to leak out.

I'm Nu said...

it's matter of few days..chill and be bck to swim once the aunty is gone away :)

agent green glass said...

@atrisa: i pay by the day. whew, saved!

@spaz: i hear you. and i'm on to it. if you see a woman walking funny today, it's probably me.

@sherry: hello. you know i've been to your blog earlier. was trying to figure how i wld know you.

and yes, tampons. thank you. shall be tried today.

@atmm: i'm listening to them. listen, you don't know how scary it is to think i would have forgotten everything. gaaaah. i have to go today, must get my daily dose of chlorine.

@anon: thank you : )))) yup, you're right. i tried it in the sea once. was worried i might be a five feet four inch invite to the sharks, but it went well.

today, we shall try the pool. and thanks for the link
: )

@i'm nu: ha ha. bloody aunty can stay as long as she likes. i'm gonna be hitting the pool.
* fingers crossed*

Anita :) said...

Too shy to post a comment :-(

Sangfroid said...

Bloody Hell, Agent!

Anonymous said...

what a pic ...eeeeewwww

Eveline said...

Ah, the hormones. Fun, aren't

Get yourself a bag of sweet, sweet, uterus-soothing chocolate. You'll feel better. Shit. Now i want M&Ms, but i'm fairly certain it's not cause i'm menstruating.
But yeah something about cold water causes the muscles around that area to contract, and therefore, less blood can get out.

Anonymous said...

Ohk. Agg. You have got to tell us how that went.
A "to be continued". Plz Plz :D

Nikita Banerjee said...

What a plight! I hope you enjoy your swimming lessons!

Kro said...

that image would make a fantastic scene filler in episodes of the power puff girls.


and remember, you can technically drown in a bucket of water.

Spaz Kumari said...

so? how'd it go?

agent green glass said...

@anita: but you did : )

@sangfroid: bleeding hell yeah!

@anon: nice no?

@eve: ooh, the hormones are nasty. but yeah, chocolate always works. mars bar....always.

@choco: heh heh. here it is. watered down version tho ; )

@nikita: i did, thank you : )

@kro: yeah, always worries me that you can choke on ur own vomit too. i swear that's the only reason i didn't become a rockstar.

@spaz_kumari: posted.

Shilpa Chitre said...

i had to [as in i was COMPELLED to] comment after seeing that image you picked. it is for some reason the most disturbingly fantastic image i seen in a long time.

and also, welcome to the world of cotton plugs :-)