Tuesday, May 11, 2010

curses, foiled again! part 2

Okay, a quick update on the swimming.

First, a big cheer to J&J, Spaz-Kumari, Sherry Wasandi, Anon and Wikipedia. Thanks to OB tampons, the swimming pool at Ramada remains unsullied.

However, there’s more to that story. And those who get grossed out by periods can tune out now. Wait before you go, just want to say, go here first.

Okay, now here’s the thing. Tampons are available in two sizes. Extra large for heavy flow and regular for well, regular flow. And all I will say is if you’re trying them for the first time don’t make the mistake I did.

I spent the day walking very, very funny. And sliding and sitting. Till a friend of mine asked to be shown the tampons. She was polite enough to stop laughing after ten minutes of rolling around in the front seat of the car, and tell me that Regular would be an easier option.

So if like me you are Tampon newbie, stick to Regular.

Why don’t they say this stuff on TV? Like the polio ads, or the Mala D ones?

By the way I think the person who coined the name Unwanted 72 is a genius. So simple. So descriptive. I have some of my own:

Maggie aka Lumpy Maida

Citibank aka Dial Customer Care and Die Waiting

Nokia aka Hang

Still not a patch on Unwanted 72. Sigh.


Atrisa said...

Thank you so much! This was much required :) My mom did recommend the same but I guess even she wouldn't know of the regular and the heavy ones.

Nu said...

though I don't get grossed out by periods..I still watched the video :P

Good info here..

Meghana Naidu said...

the video was hilarious! [not that your post wasnt ;) ]

the guy that says "...can i buy you some toilet paper instead..."

Anonymous said...

Aahhahahaa..Man the video was hilarious!!! And the post informative! :)

And now, I am so proud of this guy friend of mine who in his teen years had gone on a trip and as the shopping spoc bought some sanitary napkins minus wings (the only thing available in that small town) after searching the entire town for something better.. :D

mentalie said...

the first tampon i ever wore was the kind that came with an applicator, viz, a plastic sock that helps slide the tampon in. since i had no idea that the applicator was supposed to slide off, nor that the tampon was supposed to go all the way in, and because i was terrified of never ever being able to fish it all out again, i just left the tampon and applicator kind of half in and half out. then i cycled to school.
yup, never wore a tampon again.

Eveline said...

Hilarious video. And I thought we were more evolved than this?! So we are all birthed from 'down there', all men want to return to 'down there', but the act of buying a tampon because it makes somewhat uncomfortable??? Tsk tsk :D

Meghana Naidu said...

bwahahahahaa @evee