Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a working romance

I’m back.

Just to tell you how utterly romantic it is to start your own thing.

The first day you move into your own cozy little office, with four plates and six glasses, and three employees.

And then you realise that the AC doesn’t work. And the wiring has exploded. And the internet man forgot to tell you his mobile number is blocked. And there’s no maid to wash the dishes. And your employees can hardly be expected to do the same. And you remembered everything, except a dustbin. Which is why after five hours the office smells like Juhu Beach.

Bloody hell.

And you know what makes it so dreamy.

That I call six internet providers to ask them if they’ll give me a connection. And all six say they’ll get back to me promptly. In four working days.

The sixth one is rather considerate. I think that’s because he can hear me frothing in the mouth. And suggests that I call MTNL.

Now here’s the romantic part.

I call MTNL. A lady picks up the phone. I tell her I want an internet connection. She pauses. To complete the cross stitch table cloth she’s making. Just when I’m thinking she died, she gives me a toll free number. I tell her I can’t call that number, because I’m calling from a cell phone.

She’s rather considerate too. And tells me, “Then first you apply for land line, then call and get internet connection.”

I swear this is true.

And not the romance part.


Atrisa said...

Considering it's India, it's not even unbelievable. Sigh.

But Lol! It's always funny when it happens to another :D Don't hit me please.

I'm Nu said...

whatever it is...Good Luck for everything dear :) I know you will sail through this too :)

And LOL @ cross stitch :)

Flickering Cursor said...

So, you are back. Congrats on the Rick!

Your own office? Do we get to see you transforming into the PHB?
For the internet, you'll need Mordac, the Preventer of Information Services. Good luck with that.

Anita :) said...

Cross sticth table cloth...really LOL for that one!!
Yeah we can actually write a book titled '1001 call center jokes' ! I had many such experiences!
And such a lovely write up.

And I hope you will soon be comfortable with a high speed internet, landlines for all three employees, affordable phone and internet bills, and a peaceful work atmosphere :-) (Oh God I am so cute):-D

ani_aset said...

me suggest you call justdial instead 28888888...many providers will call you

moonlite:D said...

hey, part n parcel of the game dear,..
i did face such things when i worked for small start up firms...
make a list of all these things, n you can be a consultant one day :D

n yeah, i second anita,, "1001 call center jokes" -- just not 1001, but innumerable!!

This is that said... splits..and yes I can so understand the frustration.

Anonymous said...

Lol...this was so funny...! esp the bit abt getting a landline...All the best in getting comfy in ur new office and best of luck with ur venture!

Spaz Kumari said...

it doesn't matter. this business is your own baby. you will feed it mushy crap only to watch it throw it all up. You will clean up its poop and sing it stupid songs. You will secretly despise it and occasionally wonder if it was worth quitting other stuff to take care of this instead.

but one day it will win the nobel prize and thank you in its speech, and marry a hot model and make multiple beautiful grandchildren, and it will buy you a summer house in the south of france and a lifetime's supply of vodka.


Mumbai Diva said...

tikona. try them. they're pretty quick.

all the best. i admire you. i tried working on my own and then it went into a toss. now i really don't have the courage anymore.

but i love 9-5 too. err..ok 9-9.

Saltwater Blues said...

@Spaz Kumari: wow! the south of France huh? :)

scratchpost said...

hey, i recently got an mtnl connection and they're great! but what they say is true, you do need a landline because it is an adsl connections. so it's a package deal. their customer service in town is excellent, but i haven't heard great things in the burbs. and there hasn't even been 1 minute of downtime.

Eveline said...

I really dig your blog, but this has really thrown me for a loop. Even your bad days are funny. Sorry about having a laugh at your expense.

That being said, congrats, good luck and all that good stuff.

agent green glass said...

@atrisa: all ends well. 7 star cable network has saved the day. and i hear they also show porn. wow!

@i'm nu: thank you. sail through might be a little optimistic. very bumpy sailing : )

@flickering cursor: thanks. lol on the link. and whats PHB? Punjab & Haryana Bank?

@anita:): thank you : )yeah, send me that book. i'd like to throw it at a couple of people.

@ani_assest: yes, they have been calling me. to tell me they'll get back to you.

@moonlight: i shall wait for that day. for sure.

@thisisthat: yeah, i know. you've been there, done that. and given us the courage sistah!

@dropzofjupiter: thank you lots.

@spazkumari: i promise you a trip to france and stay at the villa dude!!!!!!

@mumbai diva: as an aside, i joined golds!!!!!

@SwB: yeah? you got a problem?

@scratchpost: ummm...i don't think i have the strength to deal with MTNL. maybe in another lifetime.


Spaz Kumari said...

@agg - ok. i am binding you to this. im not sure if a law exists protecting blog comment based contracts but if it does, BY GOD I WILL FIND IT!!!

@saltwater blues - yup. what? it's classy but not stifling and sunny but not boiling; most importantly, it is very many ten thousands of miles away from bombay internet providers. three very good reasons, yesno? :)

Sangfroid said...


It is insanely crazy, I agree.
Not on my own yet but I've seen such sweet nuisances :)

Flickering Cursor said...

PHB is the Point-haired boss from the Dilbert strip.

Jandy said...

opened your new office doing what ? but thank you for opening it, because it was such fun reading about it.