Wednesday, March 17, 2010

he's the man

So in the middle of all this chaos, i find an island of serenity.

Emotional atyachar on Bindaas.

Starring Raja Choudhary and his current girlfriend. I’m sorry I can’t remember her name, her bling earrings and red halter bra under a formal strapless dress momentarily stunned me.

Anyway, being momentarily stunned is not new to me. When Bigg Boss was on two years back, I must declare that I had a crush on Raja Choudhary. Ya, ya, gasp all you like. But the thing is he was hot in a cave man meets dim-wit way. Which sometimes is pretty appealing to me.

Anyway, back to Raja. Needless to say he was more than willing to jump the bait. Who by the way was posing as young journalist. And of course he never even guessed she was out to trap him, not even when her friend, who happened to be passing by, landed up and opened the conversation with “ Chalo, hum ek game khelte hain.”

The said game was spin the bottle. Obviously this happens to Raja all the time. Because he never batted an eyelid. I mean when’s the last time a stranger walked into your house, grabbed the bottle of sprite from the fridge and sais, “ Hi, I’m Sanju, shall we play spin the bottle.” In your dreams.

So Raja was caught in the act on camera. His blingy girlfriend with too much lipstick kept trying to squeeze a tear out, while shaking her head and saying, “ He is so bad ya.” Bad!!!! Is that all you can come up with blingy lady?

But, here’s the catch. I still think raja is cool, and he has no idea how cool he is . Listen to this. He’s describing someone’s relationship to this chick.

In his words: “ Those two have different relation. Whenever they need each other, they do the needful”

Aah Raja, my erudite hottie!


The Cloudcutter said...

And this is why you are my soul mate.

I'm Nu said...

hahahaha...I liked the way reacted to the entire plot..the coolness was impressive :) The way he was walking down the stairs and he said "yeh lift bhi fake hai kya?" ;)

LOL @ Blingy lady..I swear !! what did she think she was looking with that dress ?

Atrisa said...

This is how I felt when I watched Rahul Mahajan. In a more creepy way but yeah :P

Mrinmai reflected my thoughts exactly when she said on the show "I thought I would never get back that 'crush' feeling again"

'nuf said.

oRange* said...

Loved the way you wrote about the entire episode! Blingy lady was a chalta phirta monster with no sense of style dude.
Raja, what a loser. Needs to get a life. Seriously.

Rashmi said...

hahahahaha...i liked this i so liked it.
Erudite hottiee....hahaha

soin said...

the fellow raja is going to google himself land up here and stalk you. a label perhaps? or is that too much for him? and am going to start a ban reality tv show type show if thats

doingmything said...

I am so going to google this Erudite Hottie Raja have so piqued my curiosity.

Loved the way you decribe the girlfriend!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi - My husband doesn't get how I can watch these reality shows (like once a month!). But seriously we've got a lot to learn from them ;)

Anita :) said...

I loved your hottie's catchy line..."Whenever they need each other, they do the needful"

Needful!!! LOL

Tamanna Mishra said...

If he had said this with even an iota of sarcasm, I would have thought it's the funniest one liner EVER. Heck I still think it's the funniest 2-liner ever :P

Spaz Kumari said...

my love and eyeball-time are pledged to ravi kishan, charming anchor of raaz pichle janam ka. however i appreciate the option of doing the 'needful' with this person on the side.

shit, can you imagine asking that of your spouse? "hey, i did the needful for you twice! how bout doing the needful for me?!"

rawrrrrr. :P

S said...

quote unquote
"needful" ???

hilarious!! :)

Mumbai Diva said...

ya, ya i caught this episode. i thought he was pretty cool too. man, we must meet. we have similar crushes :D

Sangfroid said...

Now I understand why the thing is called an 'Idiot Box' :)

Flickering Cursor said...

Yeah, I caught that episode too. Saw his reaction on being caught with his fingers in the pie? Was so casual you'd thought he was just having a cup of tea with Rahul Mahajan.

ki said...


mentalie said...

my heart belongs to rakhi.

shilpa said...

damn i missed this episode......

agent green glass said...

@cloudcutter: and you are mine. and i'm on a diet, and all i dream about is your chocolate cakes.

@i'm nu: ya, he's the coolest. like the time he said he was introduced at some award show as the guy who ran the country for 90 days!!!!

@atrisa: oooh. creepy. rahul's laugh. shiver me timbers.

@orange: oh yeah. blingy lady was full on fake. as fake as leeves jean!

@rashmi: yeah, yeah, he is.

@soin: oh raja, stalking this space. dude, that would be so much fun. i'd love him to do a guest blog. and why why why? i love reality shows.

@doingmything: didja google him? like him?

@corrine: i agree. a has a problem wt these shows too. but i think its an education. : )

@anita:): oh ya. he does articulate some things well.

@tammana: it is. it is. i'm going to use it all the time now.

@spaz: oh kisen! that's another one to watch out for.
yeah...then you would be just plain needy!!

@S: funny : )

@mumbai diva: yes, lets. so difficult to find like minded folks.

@sangfroid: no, never, how can you say that?

@flickering cursor: that's part of his charm. always looks like he's having tea with rahul mahajan - lol!

@ki: yeah, some people feel like that. what to do.

@mentalie: really? i find raja has a certain raffish charm that rakhi can't quite manage.

@shilpa: no worries. i'm sure they'll show it again. by popular demand of raja ke fans!

ani_aset said...

haha sarcasm superb loved it AGG i need to see this episode

Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.