Thursday, March 25, 2010

mujhe pyaar ho gaya

where have i been?

why didn't anyone tell me a man this hot plays cricket?

and yeah, wait till you see him in the film we shot.

uuuf. gimme some air.


The Cloudcutter said...

kaun hai be?

agent green glass said...

@cloudcutter: sangakkara. sri lankan captain. and captain of kings XI. certified hottie!

moonlite:D said...

:D all the best.
I wish you get no competition :D

Spaz Kumari said...

im not good with detecting sarcasm in text, but this has to be sarcasm, right?


Journomuse said...

I used to find him droolingly hot when I was a rookie cricket journo too...and the best part is, he is so well read, there used to be atleast two books in his kitbag at any point of time...By the way, men this hot also happen to have hot girlfriends who they are passionately hot about...:/

P.S chanced upon your blog on indiblog..Loved it..:)

ani_aset said...

AGGieee Sangu and hottttt commentos

agent green glass said...

@moonlite: i wish that were true. sigh. but i loads of competition.

@sapz kumari: nope. what makes you think i was being sarcastic. don't go by that picture. the man is hot. and how.

@journomuse: oooh. see, that's what i'm talking about. the man has brains, speaks well, and super slanted eyes : )
yeah, i know, hotness attracts hotness and all that. sigh.

@ani_asset: why? why? why no comments? you don't agree with me? damn. i should have found a better picture.

ani_aset said...

Chanderpaul and sangakarra two of the most irritating guys in cricket according to me :P...but just for you AGG "he looks hot!!!"