Sunday, May 31, 2009

ya we get along, but...i feel there's a distance between us

I will never be a good cook.

I think it’s an inborn talent.

I try and i try.

I go by the recipe. I improvise.

It still doesn’t make a difference

The food tastes, at the most, all right.

A is gifted

Mostly his food turns out great

But this morning

The poha was sublime.

Thing is i love the kitchen

I love spices and racks and bottles

I love pressure cookers

And blackened kadais

And saucepans

I think of them as people

The kadai is the old mausi

The pressure cooker is the nepali boy cook

The saucepan is a youngster

The masala ka dabba is the rolling pin’s mother in law

The oil cans are tall friends

The spice bottles are naughty children

They are one big joint family

And i’m hoping one day

They’ll welcome me in to the fold.


This is that said...

I love this post. Kitchens do this to you..the old kadais, the are right, they are kind of kitchen people, what a nice insight.

Kokonad said...

Ha ha, witty title :P
Beautifully written post, AGG! Awww, don't worry - I am sure you just don't know how well you cook! Did you know that great writers are also great cooks? :)
On a somewhat related note, have you seen Ratatouille?

disappearslikesmoke said...

AGG this was one of the most touching posts i've read. You know, there are people who use spaces and others who know how to belong. You are clearly the latter kind. I envy what you capable of feeling towards what strikes many as just things. Dont measure your skills by the outcome, you'll just end up doing yourself and this bond you feel a lot of injustice.

Kaddu said...

I hv lotsa small stuff in my kitchen... only 2 ppl stay here & we hv practically no visitors! So lotsa small utensils... small masaal-daans... small chimta... so they all look like little toddlers! OR a miniature toy world!

Btw, I see that u hv a new header image. Looks like a glass painting, the previous one looked like a glass painting too! Do u hv more of these? I'd like to take some inspiration & make a glass painting along similar lines. Do email me the pics if u hv more of these.

Kadambari said...

Lol! Brilliant post. So is your tryst with cooking. I would say I belong to the same clan. I haven't tried much though. :)

Your new header image is cool!

agent green glass said...

@this is that: you are my kind of person. : )

@kokonad: thank you. yup, seen ratatouille and loved it. sigh...wish i was a rat, living in paris., i was swooning over that kitchen. and the food shots - slivers of cheese, herbs, soups, lovely chopping knives...yum!

@disappearslikesmoke: you shall have to eat your words of encouragement : ) hehe hehe

@kaddu: dunno if its a glass painting. think i have three. will mail. is your email id on your page?

@kadambari: first, let me tell you how much i like your blog. and that you inspire me by writing so well, and so regularly. and as far as cooking goes guess we are "ek hi thali ke chatte batte!"

Kaddu said...

Yupp... it's on my blogger profile.

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...


i love the family

Rambler said...

I feel there is a distance between me and the kitchen too..Never really learnt to cook, and gave up cooking after a few disastrous results.I don't like cooking..but I like watching cookery shows..

ani_aset said...

take the gas lighter, light the spark for this one happy family and they will welcome you :D