Thursday, October 15, 2009

this is what we have come to

Just in case you thought Mera Bharat Mahan, this is the reality.

We are fucking lab rats to the world.

We have no environmental laws, we have no waste disposal policies. Instead we have tankers that spill oil and fuel on our shores, we have illegal ship yards, we have toxic paints, pesticide filled colas, shit, garbage, poachers, lead or arsenic(take your pick) in our water.

And now ladies and gentlemen I present to you BT Brinjal. Of course, we are open. We are on sale. 24x7. Don’t you know, we’re Indians, always ready to help the world. Be our guest. Rape our land, screw our people.

And of course, don’t you also know we are the most corrupt country in the work. Grease my palm, butter my bread. I’m a politician. I’m the GEAC. And I’m here to get rich quick.

Fucking bastards. Nothing has made me this angry in a while. Not even the terrorist attack. They came from outside. But you see, the war we wage is inside. Here. In the system. That is so rotten. That it is willing to make lab rats of an entire country.

This is not a democracy. It is just a bleeding sorry excuse for a country.

I tell you, bharta, bhaja or bagara – the only way I’d like my brinjals from now was if they were stuffed with the arms and legs of every politician in this country.

If it rattles you, in any measure, please go to two fabulous blogs. Here and here


Divya said...

Watte picture...

I've thought this for a while now. We're all lab rats of some system or the other. Go figure.

Mohan said...

I have nothing new to say, but your anguish is rightly supported by ME for sure!

They have already figured out the ill effects of BT Cotton - more here and now they want us to take the shit again.

Shame on all of us for simply allowing this to happen. At least my garden brinjal isn't BT.. i have grown it fully organic!

oRange* said...

that picture was disgusting :S

but ur post made a LOT of sense!

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

We are 120 crore specimens .... for a cheap cheap price
leave aside GM brinjals .... i hate brinjals :(

The Cloudcutter said...

Fucking bastards, indeed. Why don't we try to genetically modify politicians instead? Although I'm sure it would be an exercise in futility.
The picture freaked me man. Not because it's gross... but because it's exactly how I feel these days :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one so pissed off when I read the article! Really disgusting. -L

The knife said...

question what do we do about it... posts like this are a start

Eveline said...

For starters, I think all politicians are slimy and do very little in the way of accurately representing the citizen's needs and beliefs. Politicians aren't about representation; they are about power and the acquiring of a personal agenda. It doesn't matter whether they are the Congress, BJP or Independent because they all do it.
I don't feel either of them will actually make my life better. I know that doesn't sound very patriotic of me. But that's how I see it. When we live in a country where every person is granted basic human rights and the opportunity to have honest representation in the government then I'll gladly rethink my position.

The Great Indian Clearance Sale said...

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Powerful article!
Thank you for spreading the word. It is really important that we do all we can as common people.
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We must make sure that all of us register our protest with the government.
Developing more material on GM Food and will send them your way.
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And thanks again. Let's work together to make India a GM free country.

ani_aset said...

its really sick. You are right we are lab rats. Why shud we do this is what amazes me, when we are at the moment in perfect position to shape our future. we have never had enough control on world affairs than now. If only some selfish politicians relaised this. I'm sure things do come full circle one day, and the politicians will find themselves being sold too by their own peers.

Shrinivas said...

I completely agree with you. But as you mentioned, the problem is with our political system. The basic reason why Bt cotton failed was-this is "India".. it was a 100% success in U.S... N Dumb scientists blindly copied the same for our country without assessing our conditions.. Bt cotton failed n can u imagine the reason they gave-" it works against green ball worm & we have pink ball worms in India!! "..c'mon what would farmers know about pink or green worms.. all they want to see is their farms swaying with green crops.. GEAC has lost its purpose.. stuffed the HC with money.. N guess who is the victim- we the indians, the common man.. serves us right for voting these kind of politicians...