Tuesday, October 20, 2009

music video?!

traveling wilbury's - she's my baby
vocals: a
visuals: agg


Pancho said...

Congratulations !
What Merlin-esque wizardry (witchcraft) be this??
Moving pictures on your blog ?!?

Burn her at the stake!!!


goldfluke said...

nice to hear the man singing.

you, should stick to the writing.

Saltwater Blues said...

lol@goldfluke. I agree.

That guitar sounds like it could use new strings. And his singing has a very Mac quality to it!

slash\\ said...

this rocks. the singing. and the video, yeah a bit michael mann-ish.

but totally loved the artwork. that your home? the pop art kicks ass.

Eveline said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Nice comic art, Green Glass!
Oh honey, let me tell you. If it makes you feel better... the voice is killing me, Smalls! That some pretty good vocals. :)

agent green glass said...

@pancho: i'm already charred, like bloody toast. work, work, work and my mind is numb.

@goldfluke: yeah, nice to hear him. nice to hear from you. and i see sarcasm is still alive in some part of your feeble brain. the maggots must have spared that bit. when are we meeting? and i have baaad writers block! and gimmeee some work, please, pretty please!

@saltwater: aah, well i made an attempt. the next one will be way better. watch. and never agree with goldfluke. he's scary.

i like that he sounds mac. i have a soft corner for mac boys : )

@slash: : ) the pop art was pulled down from the wall and lined against the window. see, there was nothing good on TV, and i have run out of entourage episodes.

@eve: i will tell the man. who says he's now going to only sing when i'm not around, because i keep recording him and he's not happy with his voice.

but like you, i dig the voice.

Anonymous said...

i am going to make one number small request. My college blocks youtube and my proxy is too slow. Could you please embed non-youtube videos if you can? Metacafe, google vid, anything goes.

thankyou. :)