Tuesday, March 17, 2009

when i need some sunshine

i had a bad day. no, not the fought with boss. or washed my best white shirt with my pink fab india kurta day. but a full blown greek tragedy day.

but because i'm still trying to calm my frayed nerves, i shall write about it tomorrow. when it will all start to seem pretty funny.

till then here are two photos. i saw this beauty parlour at palolem, in goa. 

look closely ... have you ever heard of a biking line? neither has lance armstrong.

heard of a mani quaver? nope, not even the slightest quaver of joy or recognition?

then how about an apple lip? right after rosy cheeks.

enjoy. and here's hoping everyone has a great day tomorrow. don't know about you, but i could sure do with one.


Small Miracle said...

Hmmm..i told ya, i have a car and can come rescue you! : ) will meet next time for sure!! till then...enjoy life!

doingmything said...

Sending you some sunshine...hope you have a goood one today!

This is that said...

hahahahahahahaha, onyl you, can do this...apple lip !!! biking line !!! hahahahah you made my day for sure