Saturday, March 7, 2009

men of god at work

been working. sitting in freezing conference rooms. and missing writing. 

this morning, as i drove around doing my saturday chores (vegetables, eggs, mutton, chicken, bartan manjne ka sabun), i was thinking, aah, the weekend.

and then, staring in front of me was the St Andrews Church board. I love the stuff they write on these church boards. I don't know if they do that in other cities, but in Mumbai, men of god sure have a sense of humour.

Aah. I smiled. MIAMA smiled. There's a whole weekend in front of us. And God's having a good laugh!


This is that said...

hahahahahahahaha...hahahahahaha, faith lift rocks.

doingmything said...

Haaaaaaahaaaaaa.. wrinkled with burden...I love that!!

Small Miracle said...'t we all need a faith and then : )

agent green glass said...

ya. men of god aka botox brothers!!!!