Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you've been googled. and destroyed.

there is this magazine called campaign india. a marketing and advertising magazine mostly.

they have a column called Who does google think you are?

they google a person from the industry. and every fortnight they publish what the search throws up. then they give their verdict.

like, for example, if the first entry about you is some serious news, their comment would be Boring.

or if the second entry is some three month old story featuring you, their verdict would be Not enough. Be seen more often. Talk to the media.

and so and and so forth.

now I have nothing against the magazine, but I'm amazed at how asinine a column they can produce.

anyway, now i have to go cry into my maggie noodles because google thinks I need to wake up, and start networking. And my facebook contacts are not up to the mark. And three of my entries are three month old. Oh shame. How will I look myself in the mirror tomorrow

1 comment:

Harini said...

Damn, now you made me google you!

P.S: This thing should actually keep track of how many hits you get against your name...sure to up your g-ool (miserable one, i know) quotient.