Thursday, February 19, 2009

meet ms ostrich

This is too much of a coincidence.

Last night someone who saw me after almost a decade remarked “ Oh my god, you have lost so much weight.”

Normally I would have preened and silently gone ya ya dippy do. But this time I didn’t. Because just last month I had heard someone say that. The exact same words, “ My god, you have lost so much weight.”

The thing is I never knew that I was so fat, that I have now lost so much weight. Get what I’m saying? I always thought I was like this only. Middle of the road, trying hard to stay in the not exactly thin, but not fat either bracket.

So just now, at work, I tell this to someone who has known me for the last six years. And she shrugs and say, “ ya, but you were rou…big structured.” Big structured! Means fat. And rou…means round. And round means freaking fat!

Now I should be happy that they think I’ve lost weight. But I’m thinking, shit, I was so fat, and I had absolutely NO idea.

So what else am I blissfully unaware of?

Maybe I have a squint? Maybe I have a large bald patch behind my head? Maybe my bum is tilted? Maybe I walk like a freaking duck? Maybe I have dogs breath? Maybe I am not funny, and they are humoring me? Maybe my laugh is like Janice in friends.

Maybe I am just having a little post menstrual syndrome today.


disappearslikesmoke said...

trust me once you start asking that question, there is no turning back! yeah its just one thing after another.

Small Miracle said...

PMS my dear...PMS! : )

agent green glass said...

yeah. has to be PMS. tho in this case pre, post, in between, the works. agentgreenglass gets an attack of blahs and blues!

agent green glass said...
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