Monday, February 2, 2009

goodbye my love

I just heard that Jonty died.

It’s like a phase in my life got over. Jonty was my youth, my courtship, my love affair with Calcutta.

He was the dog who jumped between us when we snuggled up on the sofa. He was the one who stole my rubber bands from the window sill while we slept under the quilt. He was the dog who modelled for my first big shoot. He stayed the night with me when A was out of town, and I was scared. He knew we were at the door, ten minutes before we got to the door.

He loved taxi rides, silly games with the sheet and all of us.

Rest in peace Jonty. And I’ll miss seeing you at the door when I walk into that lane.

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This is that said...

Rest In peace. there's a story someone told me about dog souls. And how they come back. You are bound to meet again. Muah.