Thursday, January 22, 2009

wear your jeans low, and show off your Kasab's

Some days back I see an article in the Mumbai Mirror.

The crime branch has decided to auction the made-in Pakistan blankets, jackets and toiletries brought by the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26/11 after they are presented in court as evidence.

The articles up for auction will include toothbrushes and toothpastes, detergent powder, Bermuda shorts, shaving cream, a packet of pickle, three packets of milk powder and tissue paper.

Uh... what are they thinking?

Has the Crime Branch lost it? Or am I totally not in touch with the times?

Are there people who will frame Kasab’s chadis and hang them in their living room? Or maybe they’ll wear them for the next big party and use them as a conversation piece? And will you wash them before framing them or will you be worried that their value will decrease?

Yuck. Excuse me while I throw up.         

What about the pickle? That has a shelf life you know. And the milk powder? Give it to your kids, and watch them grow into healthy terrorists.

Would you like a spot of terrorist milk in your tea?

And the tissue? You bid thousand bucks to wipe your bum with the same paper that Kasab was using? Why? Dude, someone needs help.

What about the toothbrushes? Ooh, look, a little speck of meat is wedged between the bristles. The Crime Branch immediately declares the meat will be auctioned separately. So sorry to disappoint you sir.

Bizarre. I leave you with another excerpt from the article that had me rolling my eyeballs till they hurt.

Police believe that unlike other auctions, where belongings of the accused are sold at half or less than half the original price, the articles recovered from the terrorists may invite higher bids for their sheer infamy and association with a sensational event.

Break the bank folks.


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

u r way beyond hilarious!!!
no but seriously its a bit disgusting how this kasab guy is getting media exposure and theyre calling him the 'smart' one
its a bit shocking tht ive seen tht versace shirt of his on like 10diff guys in the last couple of days
coincidence? i dont think sooo

agent green glass said...

can you believe that, instead of getting kasab to sing, they're going about organising an auction of his stuff. and if the sale of fake versace's is shooting up, i will continue to roll my eyes and poor Mr dead Gianni will continue to roll in his grave.