Tuesday, January 13, 2009

want to make frandship?

confession: i don't like people who don't like me.

but that's still all right. the thing is, i totally don't like people who don't like me, inspite of me trying to make them like me.

And the worst is when two such people get together and become friends.

Yes, it's happened to me. Yes, you can keep saying grow up, but this is my blog. And yes, I have a way of dealing with this.

I refuse to give them the name of my tattoo artist, my dentist, my favourite stores and my broker.

Imagine then, when I saw The Man I'm Mad About (yes, thank you, he's back to being that. We spoke you see. :)) happily giving the tattoo artist's number to one such person. He of course thinks it's childish to behave like this.

But that's because the people who will not like me, inspite of me trying, and are now friends, are happy to be friends with him.

Damn. Now I will keep my yoga teacher's number hidden in my locker.

Kati toh kati. Bati toh bati.


goldfluke said...

couldnt agree more. more power to your resistance :)

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

even i have this terrible habit of desperately trying to win over people who dont like me...and i dont like these ppl in the first place or care to involve myself in their lives...most of my classmates really lol

thanks for dropping by on my blog as well...glad to knw u like oddball...she is my best friend and according to her im skeletor heehee. Keep blogging :)!!

Divya said...

Would you be willing to give a total stranger the name of your tattoo artist?