Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i'm so sorted (sung to the tune of Akon's i'm so lonely)

I wish I was fucked up.

Then I would be more interesting. And would definitely have more to write about.

But the one time I was really really fucked up, I hated it.

So then what?

Being fucked up, and hating it is no good, because then you’re just miserable. Being fucked up and not knowing it is equally bad. Because then everyone else hates it, and you are just a pain in the ass.

Conclusion: I don’t really want to be fucked up. But just fucked up enough to seem more interesting.

Yesh. I’m a sick person. And totally fucked up.

Yeah. Finally happiness.


goldfluke said...

complete twerp... got thoroughly confused but liked a lot :)

Jenna said...



We're rolling into town in just a few days! Evening of Feb 3 and most of Feb 4 to be exact (our plane leaves very early - 2am - on Feb 5). Still up for meeting up? I should be online one more time from Cochin.

I am sorry that I have to comment this on your blog but for some reason Facebook will now allow me to send a message and I haven't got your proper email.

Drop me a line at channamasala (at) gmail (dot) com...we do not have a mobile in India.

small miracle said...

madly oddly true!